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St John the Apostle Parish
         A Missionary of the Sacred Heart Parish      
2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time                            Year C 
16 January 2022                                                #08.22 

Cana is a sign of the Kingdom of God  

The changing of the water into wine is a sign of the Kingdom of God where joy and life are in abundance, where shame ends, and all tears are wiped away. It is no accident that in John's gospel the mother of Jesus is present at this first sign and remains faithful until the end, right up to the culmination of all the signs: Jesus being lifted on the cross. Mary not only asks for a sign, she understands that it will cost something for Jesus to give it and for her to witness it.  

For us, the wedding feast at Cana is a taste of the fullness of life we celebrate every Sunday. The Eucharist is always and everywhere a first course in the eternal banquet of heaven. But it is also an invitation to see beyond the signs, to the faithful relationships that require sacrificial love and years of fidelity.  

All parents who sacrifice so much for their children, all spouses who remain faithful and good to their wife or husband, all friends who attend to their companions with devotion and care, share in the Kingdom of God and are the signs of Christ's presence in our world. Every time we are kind, Cana occurs again.  

Sometimes these actions can be very lonely, and the cost can be high. Today's Gospel, and the traditions of the Church that flow from it, tell us we are not alone, especially when the going gets tough.  

Through our common Christian faith, we are connected to millions of believers who have battled with similar, and sometimes greater, struggles than we endure and yet remained faithful to the end. Led by Mary, who never wants us to feel ashamed or embarrassed, they are our cheer squad in the stands of heaven willing us on in the race of life, giving us a few pointers on the best preparation, the pitfalls on the way and how to maximise our performance as we strive to do our best and be our best.

Resource used. Homily, by Richard Leonard SJ 


Heart Spirituality 

Mary shares in the work of redemption  

The life of Jesus is marked by three solemn periods: his entry into the world, his public mission, and his death on the cross. 

His Mother is associated with these great events that bring about a whole new life. She is there as the sacrament of divine love, as the mysterious helpmate of the new Adam, in a new creation. She gives birth on Calvary to all peoples in God, made fruitful by the blood and grace flowing from his Sacred Heart. At Cana she obtains from her son the first of his miracles; she establishes the Apostles in faith and receives the assurance of the institution of the Eucharist and other sacraments. 

Jules Chevalier msc - Our Lady of the Sacred Heart 4th Ed. P. 85.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be everywhere loved……….forever!




Do whatever He tells you  

Jesus launches His public ministry at the wedding feast at Cana by performing His first miracle at his mother’s request.  

May gave the servants instructions that are equally applicable to us modern-day stewards, saying, “Do whatever He tells you.” Jesus gives the servants a simple and mundane task, telling them to fill some stone jars with water. Jesus uses their obedience in the to perform His first miracle, turning the water into the choicest wine.

Our Lord did not have to include those servants to perform this miracle — He chose to. And today, 2,000 plus years later, He still chooses to include us in the performance of His miracles through our co-operation with Him in using the gifts and talents He has given us. What a privilege! Let us take care to listen to our Blessed Mother: let us examine our lives this week to see if we really are “doing whatever He tells us.” Jesus will perform miracles in our families and our parish. 


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Happenings in the parish office 

Fr. Kimi will be on leave from Wednesday 5 to Tuesday 25 January 
 Sharon will be on leave Wednesday 12 to Friday 21 January. 
 Marian will be on leave from Monday 24 to Friday 28 January




St John the Apostle Parish
26 February 1972 - 26 February 2022 

    Pins & Needles Craft Group

Monday 17 January 
7:15pm Parish Library


 SJA Men’s Group 
Meets Monthly
St John the Apostle Parish Centre 
6:00pm – 8:00pm 
Next gathering: Friday 21 January

For more information contact the parish office.

 St John the Apostle Women's Breakfast

Tuesday 25 January 20212
Bean Origin
5/32 Nettlefold Street, Belconnen


Sunday 23 January and Sunday 30 January
(after 10am masses in the foyer).

Classes will commence on Sunday 6th February.

 Over 45’s will not return in January 
We will confirm later in the month if the February meeting will take place.


   Institution of Acolytes

The parishioners listed below have been discerning their call to the Ministry of Acolyte. They will be installed into the Institution of Acolytes on 5 and 6 February 2022.
     Saturday Vigil 5 February 2022 - 6:00pm
     Joe Catanzariti
     Helen Kennedy
     Sigi Kropp
     Joy McInerney
     Anthony Jayawardena
     Peter Polkinghorne
     Maria Scarr
     Sunday 6 February 2022 10:00am 
     Elaine Carter
     Maryanne Ferguson
     Keran Niquet
     Anthony Noakes
     Sabina Van Rooy

St John the Apostle parish has been asked to participate in the 2021 NCLS survey which has been extended to finish in February 2022. The surveys have been held every 5 years since 1991 and this will be the fourth survey St John’s has participated in. We will undertake the survey over a period of 4 weeks commencing 29/30 January and concluding 19/20 February.  

It is expected that thousands of churches across more than 20 denominations will participate in this Australia-wide survey.  

HAVE YOUR SAY – every completed survey form represents the voice of a parishioner. Your contribution is valuable in helping build our community. The survey listens to your thoughts, opinions and experiences of church life. It is a positive, inclusive process that reflects on how our ministry and mission together can help equip the leadership team to build for the future.  

SURVEY FORMS will be distributed and completed at all masses the weekend of
12/13 February.  

ONLINE SURVEY’S are available. If you would like to complete the survey online please contact the parish office. 

More information about National Church Life Survey is available on their website.   

 Mass Intentions the week of 17 - 23 January 

Mon  17/01

Robert Scarr

Wed  19/01

Available [contact the office]

Thur 20/01

Amy Stephenson

Fri    21/01

Philomena de Rose

Sat 22/01



Available [contact the office] 



Sun 23/01



Parish Intentions


Available [contact the office]


Available [contact the office]


 To ensure that a mass time is available
please telephone the parish office to make a booking.

 Let us pray for those who are sick - we remember them in our Masses.

Recently Deceased:    Br. Cyril Quinlan fms

Anniversary: Terence Martin, Caterina Fallace, Ann Grannall, Phyllis Morrison,
Alexander Beggs, Shaun MacKey, Frederick Felsinger, Josephine Fox, Bradley Keenan, Josephine McLaren, Eugenia Kurzynski, Horace Staunton, Albert Bingham,
Leonard Crowe, Ernest Hackett, Christopher Hemmingway, Tara Ottewill,
Claudine MacDowell, Danielle Sykes, Brendan Gibson, Chris Thamer, Bernadette Davis, Emanuel Grech, Nicholas McInerney, Joan Casey, James Fitzgibbon, Kyall Green,
Maxwell Lewis, Geoffrey Fisher, Michael Sweeney 


23 Jan         Lector Roster 


Erin Trevaskis, Elaine Laycock


Elizabeth McDonald, Shane Murtagh


Keran Niquet, Nunga Umaru


Andrew Luck, Marian Crowley

23 Jan                   Ministers of Communion  


John Drury, Anthony Jayawardena


Brian Green, Darren Maharaj


Francesca Deklin, Robin Williams


Priscilla Gonsalves-Momi, Theresia Suh

23 Jan                   Hospitality Roster 


Joan Galpin


Fay Stephenson


Francesca Deklin


Prasadi Martinesz


Weekly Rosters  

Altar Society:        

16 Jan

Angela Boreham


22 Jan

David Pigram, Mike Lavis

Matthew Garton