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St John the Apostle Parish

A Missionary of the Sacred Heart Parish           

The Baptism of the Lord                                 Year A 
12 January 2020                                              #7.20

From the Pastor’s desk……..

The devastation of the current bush fires has already touched the lives of many of our parishioners in one way or another. Likewise, we are aware that this unfolding tragedy has hit our local church – the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn. Tragically, two parishioners in the parish of Cobargo perished in the fire. Other parishes have seen the loss of property of parishioners and it has been reported that one Catholic church, Our Lady of the Princes Highway, Kiah, in the parish of Pambula has been lost.

The following information has been supplied by the Archdiocese

1.       The Bishops conference has been coordinating with key national agencies including Catholic Health Australia, Catholic Social Services Australia, the National Catholic Education Commission and the St Vincent de Paul Society (Vinnies) to ensure an effective response from the wider Catholic community.

2.       Practical support is being given to connect people affected by the bushfires with people who can help with tasks such as preparing meals, clearing properties, rebuilding communities, as well as pastoral and counselling support.

3.       Catholic Education will provide fee help to families with children in Catholic schools.

No doubt parishioners of Kippax have already given generously to various bushfire appeals. The contact details for Vinnies Bushfire appeal is or call 13 18 12. 

It would also be good if our parish offered a targeted and practical assistance to a community directly affected by the fires. As the need for assistance will be ongoing we will aim to have a collection taken up on the first weekend of February. In the meantime, we will discuss with the Archdiocese the most effective way we can make a contribution as a parish.

Peace & blessings,




Graced Moments

When we speak about receiving the sacraments, we speak about them as particularly graced moments when God is especially present in our life. The moment of Jesus’ baptism was a particularly sacramental and graced moment: God spoke in approval of Jesus and bestowed God’s favour upon him. It would be nice for the rest of us if God’s presence could be so easily recognised at such times! However, in the absence of a voice from Heaven, we need to be fully present ourselves to sacramental moments and fully present to the moments that celebrate the sacramentality of our everyday lives.

In the Gospel of Matthew, whenever Jesus speaks about fulfilling the demands of righteousness or doing what is righteous, he is speaking about carrying out the will of God; acting in accordance with the covenant relationship between God and the people. Part of the demands of righteousness that Jesus needed to fulfil was to be the sort of Messiah that did not sit within normal expectations. Part of his fulfilment of God’s will was to be a servant Messiah rather than a powerful, avenging Messiah for which many of the people hoped and prayed.

To carry out the will of God in our life – that’s a pretty big ask. It was a hard task for Jesus to act in accordance with God’s will in the face of all sorts of difficulties, disappointments and despair. For us to even try to emulate Jesus requires firstly openness to the fact that God has a desire for us to live our lives in a particular way, in right relationship with God and with others. It requires a certain humility to open ourselves to God’s will and prayerful discernment of God’s will in our life.

The Baptism of Jesus and every baptism done in his name ever since, is the moment when we hold together the greatness of God’s love, that calls each of us by name to be his son or daughter, with the reality of our human frailty.

Resources used:  Gospel Reflection, by Greg Sunter at LiturgyHelp


Heart Spirituality


Grace is the life of God communicated to our whole being, soul and body; it penetrates and permeates us to divinize us; the supreme gift of the Heart of Jesus on earth. The name grace is well chosen; it means gratuitous gift. 

The greater and more gratuitous the gift, the greater the grace.
What a gift is God! An infinite good.

God’s gift of himself is given absolutely gratuitously. Grace also means beauty.
How beautiful is grace!

For grace is God, beauty itself.
To live from grace, through grace, in grace; to dwell in it; to possess it habitually; in a word, to be in the state of grace is to exist and live in a higher, supernatural and divine order.

Jules Chevalier msc (Le Sacré-Coeur de Jésus p.284ƒ, Paris 1900)

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be everywhere loved……….forever!


All reports of Jesus’ Baptism in Holy Scripture agree on the basics included in Matthew’s Gospel. In fact, this reading from Matthew is the most complete account. With our own Baptism, we too received the Holy Spirit. We are called to live our lives as Jesus did. Stewardship tells us to pray that we may achieve the humility of the Lord. It is through Jesus that we renew our spirit; Our Baptismal Call is to be a light to those around us, so that God’s love can shine through us and warm and radiate love to the people in our lives.

So what is our Baptismal Call? Blessed John Paul II captured the answer when he said, “The call to holiness is rooted in Baptism… Since Christians are re-clothed in Christ Jesus and refreshed by His Spirit, they are holy. They therefore have the ability to manifest this holiness and the responsibility to bear witness to it in all they do.” Our Baptismal Call is a call to holiness, a call to love, a call to stewardship.

Stewardship Reflections from


FR. GERARD – 2020

In 2020 Fr. Gerard will be absent from the parish on sabbatical. We will give thanks for Gerard’s eight years with us with a Pot Luck Lunch on……….
Sunday 19 Jan 2020 - 11:30am for 12 noon.

Please bring a salad or a dessert.
Meat and drinks will be supplied.

As a sign of our thanks there will be a leaving collection for Gerard at all masses this weekend.

Prayers to celebrate the life of
John Machin
Will be celebrated at 1:30pm
Tuesday 14 January 2020
St John the Apostle Parish Kippax
SJASJ January
Social Justice Brochure
in the Church foyer


January Baptisms 

We welcome into our community: 

Barnaby Stevens, Son of Adam and Amber;
 Chelsea Turnbull, Daughter of Ryan and Monique; 
Benjamin Cassar, Son of David and Shantara; 
Sesethu Ludidi, Daughter of Gloria Nkomo
 SJA Men’s Group
Meeting Monthly

6:00pm – 8:00pm
Next gathering: Friday 17 January
St John the Apostle Parish –  Parish Centre

We are reading

Dark Emu, by Bruce Pascoe

Sunday 19 January

3:00 pm Parish Library  
Pins & Needles Craft Group
Monday 20 January 2020
7:15pm Parish Library

Relax, Review, Reflect
Faith and film 

Friday 24th January at 7:30pm 

We are watching: “As Good As It Gets”
To register your interest or for more information,
please contact the parish office on 6254 3236 or
 St John the Apostle Women’s Breakfast
The next breakfast is
7:30am Tuesday 
28 January 2020
Lucky Shot Espresso Bar 
Hardwick Crescent KIPPAX
  The Over 45’s  First meeting of the  year will be on 
Wednesday 29 January with Mass at 9:30am 
followed by morning tea in the parish centre.

will meet for a formation morning on
Saturday 1 February.

 8:00am – 12 Noon.

 The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord  2 February 2020

Blessing of Candles

You are invited to bring your prayer candle to mass. The “blessing of candles ceremony” will take place during all of the masses. Your candle can be placed on the table provided in front of the altar before mass. You will then collect your blessed candle at the conclusion of mass.

SJA SvdP Conference members sincerely thank parishioners who donated money, food, gifts and time to pack and deliver Vinnies Christmas hampers. It was a wonderful effort and greatly appreciated by the 63 families who received them.

Our volunteer numbers have been dropping over the years so if you can give one to two hours of your time to this worthy cause it would be greatly appreciated.

If you can help, please contact James Cox on 62548450 or 0432 563 299  


Let us pray for those who are sick. 

     We remember them in our Masses.

Recently Deceased:     John Machin, [husband of Jeanette].

Anniversary:  Pauline Burt, Cooper McDonald, Jamie Bourke, Mary Gorey, John Burt, Mary Costelloe, Edna Lydon, Terence Martin, Caterina Fallace, Ann Grannall, Phyllis Morrison, Alexander Beggs, Frederick Felsinger, Shaun MacKey, Josephine Fox, Bradley Keenan, Josephine McLaren, Eugenia Kurzynski, Horace Staunton, Albert Bingham, Leonard Crowe, Ernest Hackett, Christopher Hemmingway, Tara Ottewill, Claudine MacDowell, Danielle Sykes



Charismatic Prayer:

Thursday 7:30pm      Rosary 7:00pm
0423 658 326


Friday 6.30-7.15 pm


Monday – Friday 9:05am

Adult Choir

Wednesday 7:30pm


Becoming Catholic 

Rite of Christian Initiation of an Adult [RCIA] please contact the parish office for more information.


Coffee Club

Fourth Sunday  after 10:00am Mass

Over 45’s

Last Wednesday of the Month 9:30am Mass and morning tea

Pins & Needles

3rd Monday of the Month 7:15pm Parish Library

Book club

3rd Sunday of the Month 3:00pm Parish Library

Women’s Breakfast

4th Tuesday of the Month 7:30am Lucky Shot Espresso Bar Kippax

Youth Group

AGAPE - First & Third Sunday after 6:00pm Mass Parish Centre

Men’s Group

3rd Friday of the Month 6:00pm Parish Centre

School of Religion (Parish Centre)

Sunday 9.15am during school term


During the next few weeks we shall remain in the holiday season and put on display the library’s small selection of novels either by Catholic authors or which have a spiritual flavour such as the famous Lloyd Douglas title “The Robe”.


19 Jan     Reading Roster


    Bob Raadts, Judy Netting


    Darren Maharaj, Kerry Yard


    Ivo Astolfi, Libby Kain


    Terry Fewtrell, Joe Ots

19 Jan    Ministers of Communion  


    Joy McInerney, Elaine Laycock, Laurine Smeaton, Maresa Laird,
    Gerard Teng


    Margaret Conlon, Pat Cowburn, Clyde Sloan, Peter Polkinghorne,


    Marie Flint, Ann Reynolds, Judy Lane, Sugi Mohanadas,
    Bernadette Madsen


    Brian Mahony, Matthew Garton, Rod Gardiner, Stephanie Stewart,          Anthony Dunnicliff-Hagan

19 Jan       Hospitality Roster


    Lesley Givens


    Norma & Clyde Sloan


    Marie Flint


    Brian Mahony

Weekly Rosters

Altar Society:        

13 Jan

Pat Gilchrist


18 Jan



19 Jan

Group 5


Church Cleaning:

13 Jan

  Ted & Carol Quade


On a Lighter note


Q.      What did one raindrop say to the other?

A.      Two’s company, three’s a cloud!


Q.      What did the lightning bolt say to the other lightning bolt?

A.      You’re shocking

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