Parish Buildings

The parish building is one complex consisting of the following designated spaces:

  • Church foyer
  • Church Worship space
  • Parish Library
  • Parish Function Centre
  • St Vincent de Paul Room
  • Parish Offices
  • Presbytery Residence

Venue capacity

With using the Check in CBR App and applying the one person per two square metres of usable space, the spaces listed above can accommodate the following numbers:

  • Church foyer                               20 people
  • Church Worship space                130 people
  • Parish Library                              15 people
  • Parish Function Centre                  35 people
  • St Vincent de Paul Room                 5 people
  • Parish Offices                                 4 staff plus 6 visitors
  • Presbytery Residence -     private residence not accessible to parishioners
  1. 2.  CLEANING

Maintain good hand hygiene

Hand sanitiser is available at the sign in table in the entrance foyer of the church. People are asked to sanitise before entering the worship space. Sanitiser is also provided on the Sanctuary for the use of the priests and on the credence table for the use of Acolytes and Communion Ministers.


Altar Linen

Fresh altar linen is used in the celebration of each Mass. Used linen is placed in a basket which is collected by a parishioner, washed and returned by the following weekend.

Cleaning of seats in the worship space

Refer to Attendance at mass section 5.3

Cleaning of Parish Building Spaces

Hand Sanitiser is available for use in each of the spaces within the building complex. The seats in each area are wiped over after the space has been used.

  1. 3.  COVID SAFE

Keep your distance

Parishioners are asked to maintain a physical distance of 1.5metres. Hospitality Ministers will be rostered on for each mass to help facilitate the check in process and manage the flow of people to promote physical distancing.

Duties of a Hospitality Minister during the COVID -19 pandemic. In supporting the Covid safety plan, we are required to keep a record of every person who enters the church building.

HM on duty requires to check, if the worshippers on arrival, use Check in CBR App to help ACT Health with tracking the spread of Coronavirus.

HM on duty will also attend to the following Registration online - For those who have registered put a tick against their names on the REGISTERED SHEET. If booked for more than one, please record the other names if not already on the sheet. Ask them to collect compact and sanitise hands.

For those who have not registered online - must record their names and contact details on the NON REGISTERED SHEET on the table. Total number who can enter into Church is 130.

If any cancellation takes place, at the time of arrival by a family member or friend, please add the cancelled numbers to the NON REGISTERED SHEET. This will enable more non registered people to enter into church.

Those parishioners booked to attend are not in attendance at the commencement of mass their place be allocated to someone who is waiting. (allow 5 minute after mass starts.)

These duties will be communicated to each Hospitality Minister via email.




Stay home if unwell

Parishioners are urged to take responsibility for ensuring that everyone who attends the parish is safe. It is important for parishioners to not only be safe but to also feel safe. Please stay home if unwell.





The Check in CBR App will be displayed in various places in the parish buildings.

Church Foyer:    Entrance Door
                        Sign in Table
                        Notice Board

Parish Office:     Front Desk

Parish Library:    Entrance to the library and inside the library.

Parish Centre:    Entrance Door

St Vincent de Paul Room:  Entrance Door


ACT Health COVID posters displayed in church foyer and parish centre

Information available on the webpage

Changes or updates from the ACT Government are communicated by:

  • announced prior to the commencement of weekend mass.
  • Displayed on data projector prior to mass
  • Emailed to all parishioners
  • Webpage details updated


Data Projector

  • Data project is used to communicate COVID-19 safe practices.
  • Hymn Lyrics displayed using data projector which eliminates the use of hymn books for the congregation.



To assist the parish office, manage COVID-19 regulations we need parishioners to do two things.

  1. 1.    Use the Check in CBR App

    Check in CBR App helps ACT Health with tracking the spread of Coronavirus.

  1. 2.    Use Trybooking to register

Trybooking registration for attendance at mass assists the parish office in the management of numbers allowed to attend Mass within the available space in the church whilst maintaining physical distancing of 2 square metres.

When you arrive at church please use the CBR app to register your presence. 

Sign in Sheets

Sign in sheets are provided with consecutive numbering – this is to ensure that we do not breach the attendance restrictions.


  • There are two sheets
    1. People who have registered via TryBooking and
    2. People who have not registered.


  • Each attendee needs to be recorded as a single entry – in this way we will be able to monitor the numbers and adhere to the number restriction.


  • Single entry names are only to be recorded on the space provided - couples cannot record their names on the same line as this distorts the head count.


Sign in sheets are kept for the minimum number of 28 days prior to their destruction.

Seating Arrangements


The wooden pews and plastic seats are in rows placed at a distance of 1.5meters from the row in front and behind. Family units and those in social bubbles can sit together leaving space between them and those they do not socialise with.

Processing to Communion

  • Please maintain the 1 metre distance from the person in front of you.
  • Holy Communion is only to be received in the hand, not on the tongue.


Before leaving the church please disinfect and wipe down your own seat, this will assist with the necessary cleaning of the church.



The offertory collection plate will not be passed around during mass. There are collection baskets in the foyer for people to place their financial donation.



If choirs are performing to congregations, they are to remain at least 2 metres away from the congregation and those involved in the service.

Choir members are to be kept to an absolute minimum and are to maintain physical distancing of at least 2 metres from each other when singing.

Try to keep to a minimum number of musicians in each service, and they should remain physically distanced from the congregation or audience. There should also be 2 metres of distance between each band member.

Choir members clean their books, stands, microphones etc after each use.

Hymn Lyrics displayed using data projector which eliminates the use of hymn books for the congregation.




Procedures to be followed for weddings and funerals are the same as listed above.


These procedures will be updated when there are changes to the protocols as communicated by the ACT Government and the Archdiocese of Canberra and Goulburn.


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