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St Joseph the Worker Group

St Joseph the Worker Group ~ look after the maintenance of the parish buildings. Everyone is invited to share their skills in repairing and maintaining the parish buildings.


Entrance to St Vincent de Paul Conference Room


Cleaned up and ready for paving

Advice from Graham?


Some of the hard working team with a stach of many pavers to be cleaned.



Drainage problems!*

Finished or nearly!


Report for 2014 presented at annual end-of-year BBQ (28 November):

Email updates: 7 issued to keep the Group informed of work progress etc.

Working bees and clean ups: 6 with attendance number of 8, 4, 14, 8, 18, 18.

Specific projects undertaken outside of a working bee: there were in excess of 
20 and they ranged from regular tasks such as watering trees and pumping up 
wheelchair tires to major ones such as painting, electrical jobs and fixing water 
leaks around the church. A significant number of the Group was involved and 
the projects took from a few hours to a few days to work over many weeks in several cases.

30+ smaller jobs were put in the Maintenance Book kept at the office counter 
and each was actioned within a relatively short time.

Thanks was expressed for the efforts of all involved and mention was made of the 
assistance give by Marian and Sharon, Frs Gerard and Alfin, and the preparation 
work done by Graham Erickson for most tasks.

Mention was also made of the passing of one former member during the year and 
of 2 Group members who had to excuse themselves for helping because of illness.


Possible 2015 projects:

The list below are some of the things that could be done during the year in addition 
to the general maintenance issues that arise with any 40 year old building (such as 
water leaks, broken locks, furniture, latches etc, minor electrical, plumbing and painting

Make and install a security screen for the sacristy;

Put in foundations around the raised paved area behind church and relay pavers;

Remove pavers raised by tree roots, remove roots and relay pavers (note: offending tree now cut down);

Fix a number of broken door stops and door handles around the church and install a weather strip to rear door of parish centre;

Repair and repaint wooded window frames, beams etc around the church where rot or damage is evident;

Repair and paint the porte cochère area at the front of the church;

Remove tree stumps around the grounds;

Paint entrance to parish centre and the downstairs toilets;

Paint ceiling in Fr Gerard’s office;

Repaint the line marking in the car parks;

Repair brick wall at front of church;

Repair bitumen in front of garages.


Items of interest:

The entire ceiling in the main body of the church is to be repainted February 2015 to repair water damage caused by a leak from the join in 2 sections of the roof – the ‘leak’ has been repaired and the painting work is to be done under an insurance claim.

The paint colour used in the past around the church has varied to the stage that there must now be at least 5-6 different variations. One specific colour is to be selected and used around the buildings in the future.

Michael Ahern 
SJTW Group Coordinator





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