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St John the Apostle Parish
Missionaries of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
Established 1972
The Most Holy Trinity                                 Year B
26 May 2024                                             #26.24

 Father l Son l Spirit 

This week we celebrate the central doctrine of our Christian faith: the Trinity. The belief in the Trinity is the belief that there are three ‘persons’ in the one Godhead: Father; Son; and Holy Spirit. The understanding and articulation of this doctrine occurred over time and was not until well after the writing of the gospels and other New Testament letters. Consequently, there are no specific scriptural passages that identify explicitly the doctrine of the Trinity. This week’s gospel passage, the commissioning of the disciples from the Gospel of Matthew is perhaps the closest any New Testament writer comes to an expression of the Trinity when Jesus instructs the disciples to baptise ‘in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit’.

Those precise words are used by the priest at every baptism. They were the words that were uttered when we were baptised and entered into the life of Christ. And they are also the words that are used when we bless ourselves at the holy water font on entering the church. When we make the sign of the cross, we use the words of Jesus and we are reminded of our baptism and our mission.

The divine relationship of Father, Son and Spirit is a mystery. To describe the Trinity as a ‘mystery’ can be seen as a bit of a ‘cop out’ for not offering a decent explanation. However, a theological ‘mystery’ is defined as something that not only are we incapable of discovering except through divine revelation, but that even when its truth has been fully revealed, we are incapable of fully grasping it. Our understanding can never be any more than partial, even when we fully accept it. This is a concept with which our world struggles – that there is something that is not fully able to be known but it’s OK not to fully understand it.

Resource used: Gospel Reflection, by Greg Sunter


 May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be everywhere loved……….forever! 


 The central place of the Heart of Christ

In Jesus creation gives itself to God totally; it loses itself in God, its supreme rapture and aspiration. And doesn’t this union of love take place above all in the Sacred Heart? The Heart of God hastens down to his creation, borne by the weight of an infinite love, and the heart of creation rises towards God, drawn by an attraction that dominates all others. It is in Jesus that these two hearts meet, and they unite so profoundly that the two hearts become one, and this single Heart is the fruit both of heaven and of earth.

Creation has a purpose, it has one fruit to produce: it is your Heart, my Jesus!

Jules Chevalier msc 
Le Sacré Coeur de Jésus p.76. Paris 1900 



One Divine Nature

The mystery of the Most Holy Trinity cannot be conceptualized, we can only experience God. The mystery expresses God as three Divine Persons, unified in One Divine nature. It is a topic we could never exhaust nor fully understand until we see God face to face. Although it is incomprehensible, it is still deeply personal. 
Our relationship with God is right before us. As we became God’s adopted children, we received His endless grace. We can cry out to our Father in a moment of joy or sorrow, invite the Holy Spirit in to all that we do throughout our days, and suffer every hardship with Christ Himself. All we need to do is invoke His name in each moment. 
As we celebrate this glorious Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity, may we praise God in word and deed and may we seek moments to encounter the Father, Son and Holy Spirit each day.




Feast of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart

This feast day is traditionally celebrated on the last Saturday of May. It has particular importance to the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart as it was Jules Chevalier msc who gave Mary this title. We will celebrate the feast on Friday 31 May at the 9:30am mass. There will be a 9-day Novena prayed at mass from 22 May to 30 May.

Morning tea will be served in the church foyer following the mass.


Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick is celebrated on
the last Friday of each month after the 9:30am mass.
Next anointing will be 31 May.


Sacrament of The Eucharist

will be celebrated in our parish on
1 & 2 June 2024. Would you please hold all of the children preparing for sacraments in your prayers.

May their hearts and minds be guided by the Holy Spirit and may they be drawn in closer to the Heart of Jesus. 

2023 Planned Giving Statements along with the 2023 Finance Report were emailed this week.
If you did not receive your statement please contact the parish as we may not have your current email address.

There are hard copies of the Finance Report on a table in the foyer.

Feast of the Sacred Heart 

Friday 7 June 2024 
Mass 9:30am followed by morning tea in the foyer

Explore the topic: 'Sharing in Jesus' Belief in God' with Fr Michael Fallon MSC.

Monday, 3 June 2024, 7:30pm to 9:00 pm.

The evening will be presented on Zoom. To register, visit bit.ly/LCFreflection24 and complete the Google form (or email us at aus.lcf@gmail.com) so we can send you the Zoom link.

It's an opportunity for prayer, reflection, and sharing
The parish office will be closed on 

Monday 27 May - Reconciliation Day
Monday 10 June Kings Birthday

Click on the link below for the brochure.



Archbishop's St Mary MacKillop Pilgrimage
Our Lady Star of the Sea Church
88 Calle Calle Street Eden
Saturday 3 August 2024 leaving
St Christopher’s Cathedral by own transport at 7:30am
Bookings: https://www.trybooking.com/events/landing/1228948?

Connecting with people living alone 
2nd Tuesday of the month Coffee Group 
11 June at 2:00pm
Ichi Café at Kippax Contact: Barbara Mawson 6254 7989 

3rd Sunday of the month gathering 16 June at 4:00pm – 5:30pm Parish Centre

Pins & Needles 

Monday 17 June – 7:15pm
Parish Library

St John the Apostle Women’s Breakfast 
Tuesday - 27 May – 7:30am 

 Bean Origin 

5/32 Nettlefold St, Belconnen

St John’s Friendship Group 

next meeting on Wednesday 29 May for Mass at 9:30am, 
followed by morning tea in the parish centre. 

Please come and join us, you are all most welcome. 
Please bring a plate to share.  


We need at least 6 more volunteers for the Church Cleaning Roster. 
This would then give us 8 cleaning groups which would mean that each group would then clean every 2nd month ♥ 6 times a year.

Gardens and Grounds. For the time being the grounds will be maintained through organized working bees.

Please contact the parish office 6254 3236 or kippax@cg.org.au


in the parish library.

Relax, Review, Reflect 

We will be watching 
"Amazing Grace"
Friday 24 May - 7:00pm
No cash? No problem. 
Use the Tap machine. 
Help support your parish financially through regular giving. 
Telephone the parish office for more details.

St. Thomas More Forum – June 14 

Engaging an AI Generation

Lecture Keynote Speaker 
Fr Rob Galea, Founder FRG and ICON Ministry
Venue: Mercure Hotel, Braddon
Cost: $99 (Two Course Dinner and Wine)

Book Now https://bit.ly/stmf-140624
Or Call 0416823447 or email forum@stthomasmore.org.au

Bequest  Have you ever thought of leaving

a Bequest to your parish?

By remembering your faith community in your Will, you contribute to the spiritual legacy that has enriched your life. Your bequest ensures the continuation of the traditions, teachings, and support that have shaped your journey.

Fertility Care Program

Do you want to know more about how your menstrual and fertility cycle works?

Are you looking for something to manage your fertility that is entirely natural?

The FertilityCare, Creighton Model System (CrMs) is based upon the knowledge and understanding of naturally-occurring phases of a women's fertility and infertility.

To find out more or arrange a consultation please text 0474 728 868 or email mianuvicare@aol.com . Further information available at


 Becoming Catholic  
If you or you know someone who would like to become Catholic,
please contact the parish office for more information. 


2 June                  Acolyte Roster


John Hogan, Rodney Gardiner


Lourdes Asoy, Victoria Gonzales


Elaine Carter, Maxime Kpudzeka


Maryanne Ferguson, Peter Le


2 June                  Lector Roster


Fay Padarin, Marian England


Elizabeth McDonald, John O’Heir


Frank Colley, Robin Williams


Joe Ots, Busi Nkomo


2 June                  Ministers of Communion


Judy Netting, Chitra Jayawardena,


Bernadette Murnane, Pat Cowburn


Anthony Noakes, Shovin Weerawarnakula


Joy McInerney, Peter Igoe-Taylor

2 June                  Hospitality Roster


Kay Dwyer, Chitra Jayawardena


Carmel Screen, Rob Breen


Libby Kain, Margaret Sheehan


Christine Lancaster, John McGee


2 June                  SJAShop


Lynn O’Brien


Marilyn Calliess





Weekly Rosters

Altar Society

26 May

Margaret Stanford

Church Cleaning:

26 May

Joseph Le Van Hai,
Sam Van Nguyen,
Lanh Dang


Let us pray for those who are sick - we remember them in our Masses.

Recently Deceased:   


David Pinner, Stan Niemiec, Christopher BoyldewGloria Harris, Suzana Katavic, Giuseppe Micelli, Thomas Flynn, Sofie Aver, Adena Hugo, Mary Harrison, Ruby Molloy, Kevin McAlister, Pat Butcher, Brian Durack, Maxwell Harmer, Anna Pisciotta, Bette Rutter, Beryl Moulis, Mary Clynch, David Mather, Wally Chymko, Eric Duve, Margaret Coker-Godsong, Olga Sarran, Terry Sheppard, Neryl Hogan, Roxanne LeCornu, Stefanie Seaton, Mary Stinton

Mass Intentions the week of 27 May - 2 June


Mon 27/05

Luke Prebble

Wed 29/05

Annesley Jayawardena

Thur 30/05

Steve Smith

Fri 31/05

Luke Prebble




Sat 01/06



Stanley Lewis & Sabio Ellis



Sun 02/06



David Mather


Joseph Dang



To ensure that a mass time is available please telephone the parish office to make a booking.





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