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Weekly Bulletin

St John the Apostle Parish
Established 1972
FIRST SUNDAY OF LENT                                   Year B
18 FEBRUARY 2024                                          #12.24

Of course I want to!

Today’s Gospel recounts a powerful and compassionate moment in the life of Jesus, where a man with leprosy approaches Him, seeking healing. The man's plea is poignant, filled with desperation and faith, as he falls to his knees and implores Jesus to make him clean. In response, Jesus does something extraordinary that goes beyond the physical healing of the leper; He touches him.

Jesus’ act of touching the leper not only demonstrates his authority over illness but also highlights his willingness to break societal and religious norms to reach out to those in need.

The leper's request is not merely about physical healing but also carries deeper implications. The man desires to be restored not only to health but also to society, family, and religious life. Leprosy, in those times, meant isolation and exclusion, as those afflicted were considered ceremonially unclean and were shunned by society. Jesus, by healing the leper and touching him, not only cures the physical ailment but also restores the man to a sense of belonging and community.

The response of Jesus to the leper's plea is equally striking. When the man says, ‘If you want to you can cure me.’ Jesus replies with utmost compassion, "Of course I want to!" These words resonate with a profound truth about the nature of Jesus' mission. It emphasizes that not only does Jesus have the power to heal, but He also possesses the desire to do so. His response encapsulates the heart of the Gospel message, conveying the willingness of Jesus to reach out to the broken, the marginalized, and the outcast.

In our own lives, this passage invites reflection on the nature of our relationship with Jesus. Do we approach Him with the confidence that He is both able and willing to meet our deepest needs? Jesus' response challenges us to trust in His compassion and to come to Him with our vulnerabilities, knowing that He not only has the power to heal but also the desire to do so.

Resources used: Gospel Focus, by Greg Sunter Scripture quote: Jerusalem Bible

 May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be everywhere loved……….forever! 



The church of today lives in an ethically debilitating climate. Where did we go wrong? Whatever the gospel means, we tell ourselves, it could not mean death.
Love: divine or human, could never exact something so costly. After all, our culture has the appearance of being Christian and isn’t that enough?

When Jesus was baptised, his baptism was not only the inauguration of his mission, but also a revelation of the shockingly unexpected nature of his mission.

To be baptised “into Christ” and “in the name of Christ” means to be incorporated into the way of life which characterised his life, the life of the empty one, the servant, the humble one, the obedient one, obedient even unto death (Phil. 2:6-11). 

Taken from: Repent, by William Willimon



40 Days in the Desert

Today's readings remind us why we partake in this 40-day Lenten journey — to prepare our hearts for the resurrection of Christ on Easter. To receive the blessings more readily from Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection, we too are called to endure 40 days “in the desert.”

In our Gospel, Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert where He was tempted by Satan. Jesus committed his time in the desert to intense prayer and fasting. It was not necessary for Jesus to go into the desert so that He might be purified, but rather, to endure the temptations of humanity’s sake. He was fully man, and experienced temptations just like us, yet responded to them perfectly, never falling into sin. 
Let us strive to purify our hearts so that we might be ready to receive the glorious gift of Christ and partake in the riches that pour forth from this Gift. 




If you are interested in participating in the life of the parish through the Pastoral Council, you are invited to contact the parish office on 6254 3236 or

Fr. Chung will be on leave from Monday 29 January returning on Monday 26 February.

Sacrament of Penance Presentation Masses this weekend
We pray for the children of the parish who have commenced their preparation
for the Sacrament of Penance on Thursday 14 March.
May they continue to grow in faith trusting in God’s love and forgiveness.


The Bookshop has been restocked, with Lenten Programs, Baptism Candles, Crystal, filigree and wooden Rosary Beads.

One set of Rosary Beads is made with Hematite Crystal. This crystal is said to have calming and grounding energy.

2024 Sacraments 
CONFIRMATION: Formation evening for Parents will be held on Monday 25 March 
EUCHARIST: Formation evening for parents will be held on Monday 29 April
:00pm – 8:30pm in the Parish Centre.  
The Sacrament of Penance will be celebrated on Thursday 14 March 2023 at 6:00pm



This weekend, the Time, Talent and Treasure forms will be available in the foyer. Brochures will be available which describes each ministry. There will be members of the Liturgy team in the foyer after each Mass to answer any questions you may have.

Please take the Time and Talent form home and prayerfully discern where God is calling you to serve.

Please return the form on Commitment Sunday 17 March

1 Peter 4:10-11

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms. If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God.

Lenten Program 2024
Living in Harmony:
Contributors: Joan Chittister, Paul Creevey, Andy Hamilton, Gerard Moore, Paul Rowse & Debra Snoddy

Available in the SJA Shop 18/19 February

Every Thursday
Contemplative Prayer with the Blessed Sacrament 
7:30pm – 8:30pm 

Could you not stay awake with me one hour. Matt 26:40

Friday 23 February Mass – 11:00am Lunch – 12 noon 
The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick will be celebrated during this mass. 
Following the mass lunch will be served in the church foyer. 
Parishioners who are sick, housebound, and have difficulty attending Sunday Mass are invited to this celebration. 
 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”   Matthew 11:28-30

Tribunal of the Catholic Church

Marriage breakdown is a traumatic experience for all those concerned. The Church reaches out in support of those who are divorced, while upholding the permanence of a true Christian marriage. The Canberra Office of the Tribunal extends an invitation to any divorced person who would like to talk about the annulment process.  You can be assured that your privacy will be respected.  Should you choose to apply for an annulment, you will be guided and supported through the process.

For further information please phone the Canberra Office of the Tribunal Office on 6239 9813 or email

Pins & Needles 

Mon 19 February – 7:15pm
Parish Library

SJA Men’s Group 
Meeting Monthly  6:00pm – 8:00pm 

For more information contact the parish office. 
Next gathering: Friday 16 February 
St John the Apostle Parish Centre

Relax, Review, Reflect 
Change of Date and Time
We will be watching
"The Castle"
Saturday 24 February - 7:00pm
in the parish library.

St John the Apostle Women’s Breakfast 
Tuesday - 27 February  – 7:30am 

 Bean Origin 
5/32 Nettlefold St, Belconnen 

Community Connections For those living alone 
3rd Sunday of every month

4:00 – 5:30pm in the Parish Centre 
If you would like further information please contact the parish office. 

Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick is celebrated on
the last Friday of each month after the 9:30am mass.
Next anointing will be 29 March.

St John’s Friendship Group 

next meeting on Wednesday28 February for Mass at 9:30am, 
followed by morning tea in the parish centre. 

Please come and join us, you are all most welcome. 
Please bring a plate to share.  


Have you ever thought of leaving a Bequest to your parish?

By remembering your faith community in your Will, you contribute to the spiritual legacy that has enriched your life. Your bequest ensures the continuation of the traditions, teachings, and support that have shaped your journey.

Holy Water Font – Baptismal Font

Holy water has returned to our baptismal font. This is also our blessing font as we enter the church. The holy water is renewed every week.

“The gathering of the People of God begins with Baptism; a church must have a place for the celebration of Baptism (baptistry) and for fostering remembrance of the baptismal promises (holy water font)” (CCC 1185).

Fertility Care Program

Do you want to know more about how your menstrual and fertility cycle works?

Are you looking for something to manage your fertility that is entirely natural?

The FertilityCare, Creighton Model System (CrMs) is based upon the knowledge and understanding of naturally-occurring phases of a women's fertility and infertility.

To find out more or arrange a consultation please text 0474 728 868 or email . Further information available at  

 Becoming Catholic  
If you or you know someone who would like to become Catholic,
please contact the parish office for more information. 


18 Feb                  Acolyte Roster


Helen Kennedy, John Drury


Maria Scarr, Francesca Deklin


Rose Benedictos, Boni Benedictos


John McGee, Nunga Umaru


18 Feb                  Lector Roster


Joe Catanzariti, Judy Netting


Carmel Screen, Darren Maharaj


Libby Kain, Kate Lawrence


Dennis Puniard, Margaret Luck


18 Feb                  Ministers of Communion


Janet Almond, Gordon Donnir


Theresia Suh, Sigrid Kropp


Sugi Mohanadas


Charlotte D’Cruze, Lionel D’Cruze

18 Feb                  Hospitality Roster


Carol Moore


Clyde Sloan, Norma Sloan


Pam Connor, Margaret Sheehan


Brian Mahony


18 Feb                  SJAShop








Jenny McGee


Weekly Rosters

Altar Society

11 Feb

Pat Gilchrist


17 Feb


Church Cleaning:

11 Feb

Christine Lancaster,
Pam Connor, 
Shovin Weerawarnakula


Let us pray for those who are sick - we remember them in our Masses.


Recently Deceased:

Raychell Nolan, Charlotte Lansdown, Carmel Page, Paulina Jabagat, Colin Waterford, David Lowe, Ian Bransby, Ondina Finzi, Michael Vella, Giuseppe Mammoliti, Vincas Puzas, Judith Hickey, Rodney Chapman, Eamonn Murtagh, Rudi Meyer, Joseph Vella, James Wiley, Johanna Garratt, Reg Lazaro, John Marane, Leone Ashcroft, Ivan Mikulic, Angeles Arranz, Lillian Luke, Elena Zamora, Adrian Newton, Adrienne Stewart, Ashley Kent, Tony Lay, Eun Cho Shin



Mass Intentions the week of 19 - 25 February

Mon 19/02


Wed 21/02


Thur 22/02


Fri 23/02

Thanksgiving for Health
Conchita Merida de la Torre


Sat 24/02



Tony Lay



Sun 25/02





Lorraine Biden



To ensure that a mass time is available 

please telephone the parish office to make a booking. 



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