Liturgy Team


Joan Breen

March French
Gerard McCormick msc, (PP)
Xavier Munoz, 
Judy Netting,  [Chair]
Sabina Van Rooy, 


You are welcome to join and contribute to the liturgical life of the parish.

Role and Purpose:

  • Promote the liturgical life of the parish.
  • Organise liturgical formation - both initial and ongoing.
  • Prepare & organise weekly, seasonal & festal liturgies.
  • Prepare & organise various sacramental celebrations when required.

Criteria for Membership:

  • People already involved in liturgical ministry.
  • People who have a love and interest for liturgy.
  • People who are willing to commit time for meetings and be involved with the preparation and celebration of the liturgies.
  • People who are prepared to undergo liturgical training and education.


  • The Liturgy Team is generally drawn from various liturgical ministries e.g., a
  • representative from the music ministry, environment ministry, altar servers, readers.
  • The Parish Priest is a key member of the Liturgy Team.
  • A fixed term of three years with the possibility of serving another three years.
  • At least one person on the Parsoral Council should be a member.


  • Liturgy Coordinator: is a member of the Liturgy Team who coordinates with the
  • parish office, with various coordinators of ministries, and acts as liaison person with
  • the Archdiocese.

  • Chair: is a member of the Litrugy Team who chairs the meetings and who, together
  • with the Liturgy Coordinator and Parish Priest, prepares the agenda and ensures a
  • written record is kept of the meeting. All members of the Liturgy Team are invited to
  • chair the meetings on a rotational basis.


  • Held once a month. Extra meetings may be necessary for major celebrations.
  • Meetings begin with prayer led by the designated chair of each meeting.





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