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Weekly Bulletin


St John the Apostle Parish 
A Missionary of the Sacred Heart Parish

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord                                  Year A 

5 April 2020                                                                                #19.20



 Being a Contemplative in a Manic World

In the journey of faith we should always be on our guard against being part of a manipulated crowd. The unchecked enthusiasms of a crowd can carry us away to places, people or things we would not ordinarily choose and should not embrace. If we are vulnerable, a gifted guru through his or her version of eternal life can whip us up into a frenzy. We only have to look at the power of the media and advertising to see how susceptible we are to becoming a slave to fashionable ideologies, dress codes and what and who is in or out. Every time we buy something because someone else has it or because we convince ourselves that our wants are really our needs, the crowd has won. The story of Passion Sunday is that manipulation of a crowd, even by legitimate authorities, can be the beginning of spiritual death. Hype often distorts priorities, blurs good judgment and can choose expediency over integrity.

So what’s the remedy to being manipulated, to regaining a sense of what really matters, to standing up against the crowd for the values we know are right? Jesus shows us in Matthew’s Gospel. It starts with silence. It’s being a contemplative in a manic world and praying for the courage to dissent from the crowd’s hyped-up madness.

As we process into Holy Week, this annual rite of passage for our faith, may we model our lives on Jesus in every way by creating the silence. We need in our lives to sort out our priorities, by using silence powerfully in a world that loves words but has very little to say about our meaning and destiny and allowing our sacrificial love, even to the point of death, to do all the talking.

Resources used: Homily, by Richard LeonardSJ at LiturgyHelp


Heart Spirituality


God says to me, I have loved you with an everlasting Love! Me! 
It is specifically me whom God has so loved, ungrateful me, sinful me.
God of surpassing majesty.
God of supreme beauty and limitless perfection, God has loved me.

O God of love, make me understand this word: Loved! He who has always existed has always loved me, and it is through love that he decreed my creation from all eternity.

Jules Chevalier msc  (Retraite de Saint Ignace  p.17ƒ, Issoudun 1904)

 May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be everywhere loved……….forever!



Spend some time this week pondering what Jesus
has done for each one of us personally:
“Jesus took the bread, said the blessing, broke it, and… said,
“Take and eat; this is my body” — for you!
“Then he took a cup, gave thanks…saying
‘Drink from it… for this is my blood of the covenant
which will be shed on behalf of many’” — and for you!
He agonized in the garden over the sins of all humankind,
taking them on Himself — for you.
“They spat in His face and struck Him, while some slapped Him” —
He allowed it for you.
His dear friend Peter, denied, Him:
 “I do not know the man” —
and Jesus endured this for you.
They bound Him, led Him away
for you.
He stood before the crowd, His own people, as they shouted,
“Crucify Him!” — for you.
They mocked Him, stripped Him, whipped Him,
nailed His hands and feet to the Cross — for you.
Finally, when there was literally nothing left to give,
“He gave up His spirit” — for you.

We are compelled, as Christian stewards, to live now for Him, to give ourselves generously, in big ways and small — to Him who has given us all that we have and are.

Stewardship Reflections from 



Holy Week liturgies for us at home will be emailed out this week.

Holy Thursday:  9 April 2020 - Mass of the Last Supper 

Good Friday:  10 April 2020 -   The Lord’s Passion 

Easter Sunday:  12 April 2020 - Mass of the Resurrection


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If we truly believe that God gives us all that we have, gratitude is one response. Trust is another. When we realize that God has provided for us and will continue to do so, we recognize that our real security lies in God. Our God, who has given us all, will take care of our future. This also holds true for our parish. Please prayerfully discern your sacrificial giving.


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