Aug 17, 2018
Migrant & Refugee Sunday 26 August 2018

Aug 13, 2018


Weekly Bulletin


St John the Apostle Parish
A Missionary of the Sacred Heart Parish 

“To be on earth the Heart of God”


20th SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME                Year B
19 August 2018                                                #38.18

From the Pastor’s desk…  

We continue our reading from John’s Gospel chapter 6, often referred to as the Bread of Life Discourse. This has provided us with the opportunity to examine our celebration of the Eucharist, particularly the Eucharistic Prayer. Over the last three weeks we have viewed the Eucharist as ‘thanksgiving’, ‘remembrance’ and the role of the Holy Spirit. Today we explore the Eucharist as Reconciliation and Communion of the Faithful. 

When we look at the celebration of the Eucharist we can see how central reconciliation is to this sacrament. Unfortunately, this reconciling dimension to Eucharist is often undervalued, perhaps because the practice of the church at times has tended to separate reconciliation from Eucharist.  In the Roman Catholic tradition prior to Vatican II, this separation was very much borne out in the practice of Catholics feeling obligated to “go to Confession” before receiving the Eucharist in order to be worthy to receive. Hopefully, no one would question that it is important to properly prepare for and receive the Body and Blood of Christ worthily, but the point is this: Do we really have an appreciation of our participation in the Eucharist as the clearest manifestation of being reconciled to God and each other? As the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches:“Daily conversion and penance find their source and nourishment in the Eucharist, for in it is made present the sacrament of Christ which has reconciled us with God.” 

Throughout the Mass there are opportunities to express our sorrow and acknowledge the mercy and compassion of God: the Penitential Rite, the Communion Rite (the Lord’s Prayer, the Lamb of God, the invitation to Communion “Behold the Lamb of God…who takes away the sins of the world’). Also, during the Communion Rite we have the Sign of Peace. In this short but meaningful rite we express our reconciliation with one another in Christ. But the clearest expression of our reconciliation with God is at the heart of the Eucharistic Prayer: the Institutional Narrative, where, in the words of Jesus, he offers himself to us in the form of bread and wine. Here, the covenantal seal between God and humanity is expressed: “…the Blood of the new and eternal covenant, which will be poured out for you and for many for the forgiveness of sins.” 

It is God’s free gift in Christ that enables us to celebrate our reconciliation in Christ and with one another and partake of our sacred communal meal which is the Eucharist.

Peace and blessings



Bread discourse in John’s Gospel 

This is the fourth of five reflections on Christ and the Eucharist as presented in Chapter 6 of John’s gospel.

The ‘Bread of Life’ sequence as a whole displays a pattern that can be discerned in several of the long discourses in the Fourth Gospel. The remedying of a human need – usually through a miracle – functions as a symbol of a far more profound gift involving the person of Jesus himself. To ‘eat’ Jesus’ flesh and ‘drink’ his blood, opens the way to eternal life – to a share in the divine life that he has from the Father. Jesus is ‘Bread from Heaven’ both as life-giving Word of revelation and as ‘real food’ and ‘real drink’ in the Sacrament.

Eucharist as Reconciliation & Communion of the Faithful

♥  The flesh-and-blood Body of Christ is not just the Eucharist but the Church; our              communion at the altar is also the communion with the real flesh-and-blood                    people who sit beside us.

♥  Thus the Eucharistic celebration demands reconciliation and is a constant challenge in      the search for appropriate relations in social, economic and political life.  

♥   All kinds of injustice, racism, separation and lack of freedom are radically challenged       when we share in the body and blood of Christ. This is the living bread given ‘for the        life of the world’.

Holy Communion has a fuller form as a sign when it takes place under both the bread and the wine. For in this form the sign of the Eucharistic banquet is more clearly evident and clearer expression is given to the divine will by which the new and eternal covenant is ratified in the blood of the Lord, as also the connection between the Eucharistic banquet and the eschatological banquet in the Kingdom of the Father. GIRM 281

Resources used: Liturgy News – June 2018, by Liturgy Brisbane, & Scripture Commentary, 
by Brendan Byrne SJ 


Heart Spirituality

The Goodness of Jesus in the Eucharist 

Jesus Christ reveals the goodness of his Heart in the Eucharist.
During his mortal life, he was happy to pour out
the tenderness of his Heart on little ones and on the poor,
on those who suffer and on sinners,
on all the miseries of humanity.
The sign of any misfortune, any unhappiness,
any sorrow at all moved his Heart with compassion.
But his goodness, gentleness and mercy
are even more manifest in the Eucharist.
His Heart has overflowed with love,
not only during his three years’ public life
but for eighteen centuries, at every hour, day and night.
This will go on till the end of time.
He calls us, he waits for us;
and when we kneel at his feet,
what joy, what sweetness, what light,
what strength and consolation he pours into our souls.
Let us know how to benefit from it. 

Jules Chevalier 
Méditations II Issoudun 1891 p. 32ƒ] 

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be everywhere loved……….forever!




Fr. Absalón Tovar msc who is the Superior General of the world wide MSC provinces will visit our parish this weekend. He will be accompanied by the Australian Provincial 
Fr. Chris McPhee msc. 

This Sunday we will host Fr. Absalón and Fr. Chris at a pot luck lunch and the whole parish is invited to attend.

Date & Time:     Sunday 19 Aug - 12noon
Where:               Parish Centre 

 Please bring either a main dish or a dessert. 

 Drinks will be provided by the parish.

There will be NO 9:30am Mass Monday 20 August

There will be a Liturgy of the Word with communion. 

Migrant & Refugee Sunday
26 August 2018


Thank you:

Sabina and the Van Rooy family wish to thank
Fr. Gerard, Marian and Sharon, and parishioners
for your love and support on the passing of our mum, Mieke.
It was greatly appreciated and I am blessed to be in this wonderful MSC Parish.

Parish Finance Council  

The Parish Finance Council met on Thursday 2 August. The Council noted that the planned giving for the 7 months Jan – July is 11% below budget. This equates to a shortfall of $11,900.00.  

DID YOU KNOW: The second collection money is the planned giving component of your contribution? These monies fund the parish; pays the electricity, purchases the hosts & wine etc, and the pastoral care of the parish. The first collection supports the Archbishop, our priests and the MSC Province. Twenty percent of the first collection is paid to the Archbishop and 40% is paid to the MSC Province. Monies paid to the MSC Province help support Aboriginal mission parishes in the Northern Territory and the formation of priests.  

We ask that each parishioner give consideration to contributing to their sacrificial giving either electronically or by envelopes as this allows the parish to plan for expenses.  

There are planned giving forms on the small table in foyer.  

PROJECTSThe Baptismal Font project is still in progress and we will advise final costings when available.



We are reading 

“Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind”
by Yuval Noah Harari 

 Sunday 19 August - 3:00pm Parish Library.

New members are always most welcome




The Sacred Heart prayer group at Kippax and 
Catholic Charismatic Renewal 
will be presenting a series of seminars on Thursdays. 

Date:          Starting 23rd Aug – 4th Oct
Time:         7pm to 9pm.
Venue:       SAJ - Parish Centre

Each evening includes praise & worship, a talk, prayer ministry and sharing groups

Further information contact, Maida 0423 658 326, Neda 0415 266 019 or 
Carl 0402 883 322


 “Books and Beanies Fair”
30-31 August

From 8am-4pm the Calvary Auxiliary are running a ‘fair’ with a large selection of fiction paperbacks, children’s books, cook books, biographies and more!

Books - nothing over $2, beanies $5.  Xavier Building foyer adjacent to Zouki Cafe, Calvary Public Hospital, Cnr Haydon Drive & Belconnen Way Bruce. All proceeds go to equipment and patient services at Calvary Hospital. Enquiries: Pat on 040379192.

Consultation Day for Women 

An opportunity to contribute to a discernment process regarding the future of the Catholic Church in Australia and the possible re-establishment of an Archdiocesan Women's Group. All Catholic women welcome.  

When:    8 Sept, 10am to 3pm 
Where:   Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture 
Contact: Jacinta on or 6201 9861 

Men’s Cursillo    13-16 – September 

A Men’s Cursillo weekend is to be held at Hartzer Park, Burradoo NSW. 

Cursillo is a worldwide movement and Cursillo weekends have been held in our Archdiocese for over fifty years. 

Many find a Cursillo weekend provides a new direction and an opportunity to explore their relationship with God, their selves and with others.  For further information please contact Joe Jambor at or Mob: 0401 159 852


listen to what the Spirit is saying 

What do you think God is asking of us in Australia at this time? 

To access the Plenary Council website click on the link below


Let us pray for those who are sick. We remember them in our Masses.

Recently Deceased: Denise Smith, Iris Schofield, Horst Lawatsch


Anniversaries: Leslie Ferry, Ray Allen, George Brettell, James Marlor, Zenona Skiba, Emily Jacob, William Smith, John Ray, Joseph Zuk, Ronald Ryan Alfred Niquet, Dorothy Hornick, Marjorie Carew, Edmund Kennedy, Winifred Bridges, Alexander Aikman, Hedwig Von Straaten, Joseph Weinheber, Andres Munoz, Tere Fearon, Bill Fearon, Anna Yoo, Josephine Weinheber, Sheila Dignam, Antonia Mrsnik, Armando Cavuoto, Patrick Sheehan, Gladys Anderson, Virginia Matera, Melinda Davis.


Charismatic Prayer:

Maida: 0423 658 326

Thursday 7:30pm

Rosary 7:00pm

Meditation  [Library]

Friday 7.30-8.15 pm

Morning Prayer:

Mon, Tues, Fri 9:10am

Stations of the Cross

First Friday Monthly

After 9:30am Mass

Children’s Mass

Second Sunday monthly10:00am

Adult Choir

Wednesday 7:30pm

Children’s Choir

Thursday 4:30 – 5:15pm



Coffee Club

Fourth Sunday after 10:00am Mass

Over 45’s

Last Wednesday of the Month 9:30am Mass and morning tea

Pins & Needles

3rd Thursday of the Month 7:15pm Parish Library

Book club

3rd Sunday of the Month 3:00pm Parish Library

Women’s Breakfast

4th Tuesday of the Month 7:30am Little Chef Café Belconnen

Youth Group

AGAPE - First & Third Sunday after 6:00pm Mass Parish Centre


School of Religion (Parish Centre)

Sunday 9.15am during school term


LIBRARY NEWS:    We continue last week’s display on the Eucharist “Blessed and broken –God in Eucharistic celebration”, “Jesus and the Eucharist” and “The Bread of God – nurturing a Eucharistic imagination”.



26 August   Reading Roster


Rob Caskie, Elaine Laycock


Carmel Screen, Shane Murtagh


Louise Honan, Ann Reynolds


Marian Crowley, Andrew Luck


26 August   Ministers of Communion


Marie McKie, John Drury, Barbara Witrzens, Terry O’Brien, Margaret McMahon


Ted Kell, Clare Kell, Violet Duve, Judith Deklin, VACANT


Robin Williams, Libby Costello, Pat Sheppard, VACANT, VACANT




26 August   Hospitality Roster


Barbara Witrzens, Marie McKie


Fay Stephenson, Margaret Ohlin


Margarete Gill


Christine Lancaster


Weekly Rosters

Altar Society:        

20 Aug

Mary Cruickshank


25 Aug

David Pigram, Rob Caskie,
Matthew Garton, Mike Lavis


26 Aug

Group 8


Church Cleaning:

20 Aug

John & Jenny Maher, Carol Blyth

On a Lighter note


Q. What English word has three consecutive double letters?










A. Bookkeeper
















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