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St John the Apostle Parish
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“To be on earth the Heart of God”

Second Sunday of Lent                                    Year C 
17 March 2019                                             #16.19

From the Pastors desk…..  

In the opening lines of today’s gospel we read: “Jesus took with him Peter and John and James, and went up on the mountain to pray.” However, it turns out that Jesus is the only one who does pray. The others fall asleep, presumably overcome by the exertions of a steep and strenuous climb. 

During this season of Lent we are encouraged to pray more. But often we are like the apostles – we are just too tired to pray. With the hectic pace of life, constant demands on our time, and the all-too-many schedules, it becomes difficult to find the time and space necessary for prayer. 

Yet prayer is essential for our wellbeing; without it something is lacking in our lives. One way of understanding prayer is that prayer opens us to God’s transforming grace. 

While transformation always begins with the individual, it also applies to institutions. Our church, to state the obvious, is in desperate need of transformation. The unhealthy power structures, which particularly are entrenched in the Vatican curia, are stumbling blocks to the proclamation of the Good News of Jesus Christ. Let’s pray that God’s transforming power may bring about a cleansing and renewal of the church.

Peace & Blessings




The Transfiguration is not a one-time event

An American Jesuit theologian, tells the story of a young man named Tommy who was the resident atheist during one of his courses in the Philosophy of God at Loyola University in Chicago. 

At the end of the course while he was turning in his final paper, Tommy said to the theologian, 'Do you think I will ever find God?' 'No', The priest replied bluntly, but as he walked away he continued, 'But I think God will find you'. Tommy kept walking. 

Years later, Tommy returned to see his old lecturer to tell him that he had been diagnosed as having terminal cancer. More than ever, Tommy said, he wanted to find God or to be in the right place at the right time to be found by God. The priest told Tommy to go and tell the people that he most loved in the world that he loved them. 

Within a week Tommy reported back that in the midst of doing this he had a genuine and significant encounter with God. They had found each other. Tommy died three months later. The priest reports that the only way to describe the final three months of Tommy's life was to say that, whatever happened to him in the process of telling others he loved them, he was transfigured by God. 

The Transfiguration is no mountaintop light show. In borrowing heavily from similar stories in the Old Testament, it describes, in a dramatic way, how loved Jesus was by God and how this experience was seen and known by his disciples. 

So often we hear people say they have not, or cannot, experience the presence of God, and therefore deny that God exists. These readings show us that if you want to encounter God then you have to experience love. This is not an optional extra for the Christian life. As St John says, 'The one who says they love God, yet they hate their brother or sister, is a liar.' 

The Transfiguration is not a once off event for Jesus alone. It is a moveable feast for all of us who have become God's sons and daughters in Christ.

Resources used: Homily, by Richard Leonard SJ at LiturgyHelp


Heart Spirituality

 Without grace our life is empty

Grace and glory, that is our end. The natural cannot satisfy us.
Souls need grace, and they do not have it. One could say that the world is in a state of damnation. 
It suffers from this less than in hell, but it does suffer.
What should be done to heal and save the world?
We have to make the world know, love and embrace devotion to the Sacred Heart. That will give it everything it lacks.
It is the only remedy, given by God, to heal the nations of our time and put them back on the way of salvation that they have abandoned.                                                      
                                                                                                 Jules Chevalier msc

                                                         (Le Sacré-Coeur de Jésus 1,p. 285ƒ, Paris 1900)

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be everywhere loved……….forever!



Everyday Stewardship

When we journey on a pathway of stewardship, we are bound to experience moments of grace where we see even the smallest seeds we planted grow into something amazing. At these moments, we are reminded that God is real and that our stewardship is not in vain. The giving of our gifts and talents is not just a response to God’s calling. The giving is one way that God breaks through into the lives of others. As we use what God has given us for his glory, he uses us as instruments of grace to be truly present to others.

The greatest example of this occurs at the Mass. Through the hands of an ordained priest taking the gifts of bread and wine, God is really present with us. When we then take Christ into our bodies, we accept the offer to take him into the world to others. The world cannot see Jesus in us with human eyes, but through our works of stewardship, they can see Jesus in us. One could say they even have a chance to see a glimpse of heaven.

Taken from:


Through our baptism we are all called to participate in Christ’s Mission. 

Forms for ministry rosters are on the table in the church foyer. The ministry commitment period is 1st June 2019 to 31st May 2020. 

Please return by 31 March 2019


 Relax, Review, Reflect Faith and film

Friday 22nd March at 7:30pm 

We are watching: 

“The Hundred-foot journey”
Produced by Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey

“The Hundred- Foot Journey is a film about Indian cooking and about French cooking, with some most impressive visuals in the kitchen and on the tables of the restaurants a hundred feet apart. “(Peter Malone msc)

To register your interest or for more information, please contact the parish office on 6254 3236 or


Meeting and Training 

Date:            Sunday 17th  March

Time:           2pm-3pm in the church.

The Sacrament of Penance 

The children in our community have been preparing for the sacrament since November 2018. They will make the sacrament on Thursday 21 March 2019. Please keep them and their families in your prayers. 



Agape - Youth Group

High school students
in years 7 to 12

First and Third Sundays after the 6:00pm Mass 

First gathering for 2019 - 17 March


This group is a way for young people to learn about the church and deepen their faith together.
Contact Eoin Eoin.garton 





Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick will be celebrated on Friday 
29 March after the 9:30am mass.  The sacrament is celebrated on the last Friday of each month. 


Preparation for the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation is commencing now.

Formation evening for Parents.

Date:     Monday  1 April
Time:     7:00pm – 8:30pm

If you have a child in year 6 not attending St John’s primary school and you would like them to receive the Sacrament please contact the parish office.

The Sacrament of Confirmation
will be celebrated at 5:00pm on Thursday 16 May 2019
with Archbishop Christopher Prowse

We are reading
Working Class Man
by Jimmy Barnes

Sunday 17 March - 3:00 pm
Parish Library. 


Pins & Needles Craft Group
Every 3rd Monday of the Month

Next Meeting: Monday 18 March 2019
7:15pm Parish Library

Please note a change of evening from Thursday to Monday

Changing Mass Time

End of Daylight Savings time

The Vigil mass time will move forward to 5:00pm commencing

13 April 2019 to 12 October 2019.

Confessions will also move forward one hour 4:00pm – 4:30pm







Overall the Doorknock Appeal for this year totalled over $12,000, a very pleasing result. This is our major appeal for the year and will greatly assist the needy and marginalised people within our community.

Approximate break of donations

Doorknock               $8,100
Kippax Stall              $2,100
Parish Donations       $2,000


to those volunteers who volunteered on the stall and doorknocked. 
We specially thank our generous parishioners who support us financially.

FETE – Villaggio Sant’ Antonio’s 
Commnity Hall –35 Burkitt St PAGE

Raising funds for a new bus

Saturday 23 March     10am – 2pm

Betty 6255 3325 –

Daramalan College Open Evening
Thursday 28 March 2019.

Info sessions - Year 7, 2020  4.45pm & 7.00pm

          Year 11, 2020 - 6.00pm.
                 School tours - 5.00-6.30pm. 
Year 7, 2020 enrolments  6-24 May 2019. 
For more information contact 

St Vincent de Paul Society is currently looking for enthusiastic and passionate volunteers to take part in our Compeer program.

Compeer matches people with a mental health diagnosis with a “friend” who is a caring and compassionate volunteer, to circumvent social isolation for people with mental health issues.
For further information contact


 Dawn to Dusk

Towards a spirituality of ageing 

Written by Fr. Noel Mansfield msc
Copies of this book are available for purchase from the Book Shop.
Cost:          $20.00 per copy


With the NBN rollout, you may have changed your contact details (email, phone, mobile phone). If you have updated or changed your contact details, or are not receiving any emailed information from the parish, please contact the parish office.  Thank you.

  Let us pray for those who are sick. 

We remember them in our Masses.

Recently Deceased:  

Anniversaries:   Eileen Luke, Jill Wilson, Brendan Patterson, Michael Hamilton,
Caelan MacKenzie, Eugene De Rose, Helen Murphy, Richard Kingsford,
Richard “Sandy” Corr,
Peter Roache, Marijan Cavlovic, Generoso D’Ambrosio,
Brian Weston, Jack Ranson,
Michael Lowe, Ludvik Koren, James Broderick



24 March              Reading Roster


Margaret Luck, Elaine Laycock 


Mariana Rollgejser, Shane Murtagh


Ann Reynolds


Marian Crowley, Andrew Luck

24 March               Ministers of Communion 


Marie McKie, John Drury, Barbara Witrzens, Terry O’Brien, Margaret McMahon


Violet Duve, Judith Deklin, Ted & Clare Kell, VACANT


Robin Williams, Libby Costello, Pat Sheppard, Erin Pitt, VACANT


Agnes Pham

24 March               Hospitality Roster


Barbara Witrzens, Marie McKie


Fay Stephenson, Margaret Ohlin


Margarete Gill


Christine Lancaster

Weekly Rosters

Altar Society:        

18 Mar

Mary Cruickshank


16 Mar



24 Mar



Church Cleaning:

18 Mar

John & Jenny Maher, Carol Blyth


Becoming Catholic 
St John the Apostle Parish runs a RCIA program

[Rite of Christian Initiation of an Adult].
Please telephone the parish office for information.


Charismatic Prayer:
Maida: 0423 658 326

Thursday 7:30pm  Rosary 7:00pm

Meditation 7.15-8.45 pm

1st, 3rd & 5th Fridays 
2nd & 4th Fridays 

Morning Prayer:

Mon, Tues, Fri 9:10am

Stations of the Cross

First Friday Monthly 
After 9:30am Mass

Children’s Mass

Second Sunday monthly10:00am

Adult Choir

Wednesday 7:30pm

Children’s Choir

Thursday 4:30 – 5:15pm


Coffee Club

Fourth Sunday after 10:00am Mass

Over 45’s

Last Wednesday of the Month 9:30am Mass and morning tea

Pins & Needles

3rd Monday of the Month 7:15pm Parish Library

Book club

3rd Sunday of the Month 3:00pm Parish Library

Women’s Breakfast

4th Tuesday of the Month 7:30am
                                            Lucky Shot Espresso Bar Kippax

Youth Group

AGAPE - First & Third Sunday after 6:00pm Mass Parish Centre

School of Religion (Parish Centre)

Sunday 9.15am during school term


LIBRARY NEWS: “Vocations anonymous: a handbook for adults discerning priesthood and religious life” and “War and terror, peace and hope” are two of the books on display this week.



On a Lighter note

Dad:  “You know how scuba divers sit on the edge of the boat and fall out backwards into the water? You know why they do that?”


Child: “No, why?”


Dad:  “If they went forward they’d fall in the boat!” 







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