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St John the Apostle Catholic Community
A Missionary of the Sacred Heart Parish

“To be on earth the Heart of God”

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time                          Year A
22 October 2017                                                #48.17

Weekly Reflection

 Give to God what belongs to God

There are people inside and outside the Church who think that Christ did not give the Church a mandate to speak about political matters. They regularly quote the Gospel we have just heard to support their case. But if one knows and understands the context and meaning within which this text was written it provides no ammunition for those who want the Church to stay indoors, reflect on things ‘spiritual’, preach the eternal verities, and sing hymns more ancient than modern.  

In Jesus’ day, we know that some people thought he was a Zealot. Zealots were a well-organised group who agitated for the end of the Roman occupation of Israel. One of the things Zealots did was withhold paying the Roman taxes. We can see why some people thought Jesus may have been a Zealot. He took the part of the poor, the sick, women and those who lived on the fringes of society. He attacked the religious authorities of his day and certainly stirred up trouble in many places he went. On the other hand he rejected violence, taught his followers to pray for their enemies and to return good for evil. Jesus showed us that the justice and equality God longs to see in the world comes from a community which is converted by love, not by weapons, fear or revenge. Jesus was no Zealot.  

Rather than undermine civil authority, Jesus, in this passage, supports it. But he does more. ‘Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s’ is followed by ‘And give to God, what is God's’, which encompasses all the Caesars of this world, all civil authorities and states. The sense that we as the People of God can split off our obligations to the Gospel from the State is as false as it’s dangerous.  

At times we may not agree with our religious leaders; we may think them ill informed; we may even think they have overstepped the mark. If this is the case we should tell them, enable them to consider other perspectives and to broaden the basis upon which they make their judgments.  

Resources used: Homily by Richard Leonard SJ  


From the Pastor's Desk..........


Fr. Gerard is on annual holidays. Fr Len Helm msc will be with us during his absence.
Fr Len is a member of the St Mary’s Tower Retreat Centre at Douglas Park, NSW and does regular supply work in many parishes.  

Peace & blessings,



Heart Spirituality
The Ills of our time

The ills of our time (le mal modern) could not be more serious; they are worsening day by day; we cannot probe deeply into them without being shocked. The situation can be linked to three causes.

1.      Contempt of all authority, especially the church.

2.      Abandonment of prayer, of public worship, of the sacraments, in short of all                   religious practices that are part of God’s plan.

3.      Ignorance of revealed truth that alone can enlighten humanity, keep it aware of
duties and put a halt to the moral depravity that is threatening the very survival
         of human society. 

                                                           Jules Chevalier, Bourges, 1872

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be everywhere loved……….forever!


The Parish Pastoral Council is looking to form a team to organise and facilitate the 2018 Parish Assembly. The assembly will look at our mission and vision in light of our baptismal call. Prayer & Worship, Pastoral Care & Service, Building Community, and Education & Evangelisation; these four cornerstones of our current pastoral plan, will be developed to find a focus and direction for our parish in 2018. 

Mark this date in your diary.

Sunday 18 February 2018
11:00am – 1:00pm 

concluding with a sausage sizzle.

 Parish Pastoral Council membership 

 We are looking for new members for the Pastoral Council. 

If you are interested please contact Marian at the parish office.

 Sacrament of Penance

Preparation for the celebration of the Sacrament of Penance in lent 2018 is commencing now. If you have a child in year 2 or above and they have not made this sacrament please contact the parish office. 

The preparation commences with a formation evening for Parents. 

Date:        Monday 20 November
Time:       7:00pm – 8:30pm 


Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick

will be celebrated on the last Friday of
each month after the 9:30am mass. 

Next anointing will be 27 October.


Kangara Waters Fete

                                  When:       Saturday 28 Oct
                                  Time:        9:00am – 2:00pm
                                  Address:    2 Joy Cummings Pl, Belconnen 

*Treasures *Toys *Jewellery *Bags *White Elephant * Jams & Preserves *Books *CDs & DVDs *Plants *Paper Craft & Cards *Cakes *Face painting *Sausage sizzle
*Dutch pancakes, and much more


 Catholic Charismatic Renewal - Golden Jubilee 2017

Archbishop Christopher Prowse invites you to gather with the Catholic Charismatic Renewal for a day of teaching.

Date:                Saturday 11 Nov 2017
Time:                9:00am-4:00pm
Where:              Haydon Hall St Christopher’s Pastoral Centre, Manuka
Phone:              Neda 0415 266 019

                        Susanna 0419 902 293
                        Sandra 0405 692 999
Cost:                 Free BYO lunch



Date & Time:      Mon. 13th Nov. 6.50pm
Where:              Holy Trinity, Curtin
Presenter:          Dr. Patricia Moroney,
                        Jungian Analyst Psychotherapist and Spiritual Director
Cost:                 Free
Registration:      Phone 6286 6939

Depth Psychology has much to teach us about relationship and works hand in glove with Spirituality to build a love that is rich, solid and inspired for a less-conflicted road.   


Vinnies Store at Kippax

The St Vincent de Paul Society are opening a new store at Kippax later this month, down near Aldi. It will be open seven days per week.

Volunteers are needed.
If you would like to be involved please contact Helen on 0447 860 918.


CatholicCare Canberra & Goulburn
There for any human

Life can throw various challenges your way and sometimes it can be hard to know where to turn. 

CatholicCare is here to help.

Offering a wide range of services, no matter who you are, where you’re from, what you wear, or with you share.

CatholicCare offers support in the following areas.

»    Disability Services & NIDS
»    Aged Care Services
»    Youth Services, Counselling & Therapy
»    Alcohol & other Drugs 
»    Family Support Services
»    Mental Health Services
»    Housing, Homelessness

      Phone. 02 6295 4300



Volunteering and Contact ACT

Provides information on
organisations that can provide

Free Meal, Laundry & Shower services

 For those who are homeless
or at risk of homelessness.

Canberra’s Community Info Hub, Griffin Centre, 20 Genge Street CANBERRA.






Agape Youth

First and Third Sundays after the 6:00pm mass.
Next gathering 5th November

Coffee Club



Coffee Club
Second & Fourth Sunday after 10:00am Mass

Over 45’s

Last Wednesday of the Month 9:30am Mass and morning tea


Pins & Needles


Pins & Needles
3rd Thursday of the Month 7:15pm
Parish Library
16 November 2017 - 7:15pm


Sunday Book Club

Sunday Book Club
3rd Sunday of the Month 3:00pm
Parish Library 
Sunday 19 November 2017

“The Ccukoo's Calling” by Robert Galbraith


Women’s Breakfast

                   Women’s Breakfast
4th Tuesday of the Month 7:30am
Little Chef Café Belconnen
Next Breakfast - Tuesday 24 Oct 2017


  Charismatic Prayer:           Thursday 7:30pm, Maida: 0423 658 326 
  Meditation  [Library]     Friday 7:30pm
  Morning Prayer:     Monday, Tuesday, Friday 9:10am
  Stations of the Cross:      Frist Friday Monthly after 9:30am
  Children's Mass:     Second Sunday monthly 10:00am
  Children's Choir:     Thursdays  weekly 4:00 - 5:00pm
  Adult Choir:     Wednesdays weekly 7:00pm - 8:00pm


Douglas Park NSW

The Missionaries of the Sacred Heart have issued a new schedule of fees for spending time at the Retreat Centre. For people who may not be able to do a weekend or 6 day retreat the centre is offering a varied amount of options for spending time at the Park. 

See options and schedule of fees below.  

The 2017/2018 program is available at: 

Option 1: $ 20    Use of facilities morning and afternoon tea
Option 2: $ 35    as above plus 2 course lunch
Option 3: $ 80    as above plus spiritual accompaniment
Option 4: $ 60    Spiritual accompaniment
Option 5: $102    overnight stay and spiritual accompaniment

Costs are negotiable with the Director.



 29 Oct       Reading Roster


 Rob Caskie, Joe Catanzariti


 Darren Maharaj, Elizabeth McDonald


 Colleen Reed, Kerry Yard


 Brian Mahony, Andrew Luck


 29 Oct          Ministers of Communion


 Sharon Loiterton, Daryl Smeaton, Joy McInerney,
 Anthony & Chitra Jayawardena


 Fay Stephenson, Carmel Screen, Jean Tierney, Clyde Sloan, VACANT


Colin Fox, Anthony Noakes, Robin Williams,
Bonnie & Rose Benedictos 


 Margaret Curry, Brian Mahony, VACANT, VACANT, VACANT

 29 Oct            Hospitality Roster






 Joe Pisciotta



Weekly Rosters

      Altar Society:  23 Oct      Gabrielle Culhane    
     Grounds:                    28 Oct              Group 4   
     Collections:  29 Oct   Group 9

      Church Cleaning:          16 Oct       Agnes Le & family     



On a Lighter note

Mother: "How was school today, Patrick?" 
Patrick: "It was really great mum! Today we made explosives!" 
Mother: "Ooh, they do very fancy stuff with you these days. 
And what will you do at school tomorrow?" 
Patrick: "What school?"


Let us pray for those who are sick.
 We remember them in our Masses

Recently Deceased:    Catherine O'Sullivan

Anniversary:  Sebastian Licciarrello, Patricia Hall, Ursula Gormley, Cheryl Tramantini,
Constance Goodall, Richard  Koch, Carmel Johnston, Johannes Blengst, Robert Imber, Michael McKenzie-McHarg, Marion Boland, Barry Parsons, Patricia Harman,
Dorothy Sutton, William Lilley, Patrick Menzies, Anne Jones, Helen Gorrell, 
Martin Moloney, Malcolm Lovelock, Francis Fulton, Peter Geraghty, Alejandra Bai,
Jack McMahon, Kerry Hogden, Elsie Screen, Silva Santos, Gregory Robinson,
Ann Raadts, Paul Newton, Peter Fox, May Skelly, Maurice Scheerlinck, Gavin Smith,
Emily Flynn, John Joyce, Narim Dawalibi, John Kildea, Veronica Kildea.



We are continuing our display of some of our many books about Mary, the Mother of God and of the Church. She has so many titles, many of which are discusased in these books.


School of Religion: – 9.15am-10.00am

Sundays Parish Centre (School Term Only)

For children not attending a Catholic School


Hearing Loop: - We have a hearing loop in the body of the church. To access it turn your hearing aid to the T-Switch setting.


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