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Weekly Bulletin


St John the Apostle Parish
       A Missionary of the Sacred Heart Parish           

Sixteenth Sunday In Ordinary Time               Year C 
21 July 2019                                                     #34.19


From the Pastor's desk…..

Jesus loved Martha and Mary equally. Yet he found it necessary to gently chide Martha for her undue busyness. Each of the sisters was extending hospitality to Jesus. But Martha was just too preoccupied with doing. This causes her to get into a huff with her sister and therefore Jesus has to remind Martha that “Mary has chosen the better part.” Mary has recognized that it is the Lord who is in their midst. It is this awareness of Christ’s presence that it all important. All other tasks are secondary.

Sometimes it’s just good to drop what we are doing and to attend to what really matters. Then we can be open to the beauty and giftedness of each person that we encounter. We then realize that we don’t have to be so task orientated.

As I reflect on this gospel passage I recognize that there is probably more of the Martha in me than the Mary. That’s where this gospel is so helpful. It allows us to appreciate the importance of both being and doing.

Peace & blessings,





 Being Present

Taken at a literal level, this week’s gospel passage can be a problematic one. Jesus is dining at the house of Martha and she busies herself trying to be a good host and serving her guest, while her sister, Mary, simply sits and enjoys the company of Jesus. Martha complains about her sister’s apparent laziness and finds herself chastised by Jesus.

On the surface, Martha is doing the right thing: providing hospitality for her guest. Yet Mary is the one whose actions are affirmed. Like in the parable of the Good Samaritan last week, the gospel writer reminds us that being preoccupied with one’s duty – even in service of God – is not what God desires. Martha has forgotten that the guest is also a gift! Having welcomed and shown appropriate hospitality to her guest, Martha should have then accepted the gift of the guest, that is, the company and presence of the welcome guest. Instead she continues to busy herself with serving while her sister shows true welcome: accepting the gift of the guest’s company.

Martha was everything good and right, but one thing she was not. She was not present—most likely, not present to herself, her own feelings of resentment, perhaps her own martyr complex, her need to be needed. This is the kind of goodness that does no good! If she was not present to herself, Martha could not be present to her guests in any healing way, and spiritually speaking, she could not even be present to God. Presence is of one piece. How you are present to anything is how you can be present to God, loved ones, strangers, those who are suffering.

When we welcome a guest into our house, we can be too worried about impressing the guest with lavish hospitality and our best serving ware, rather than relaxing and enjoying the company of the guest. Like Martha, we can overlook the fact that God is present when we welcome a guest.

Resources used: Reflection, by Greg Sunter & One Thing, By Richard Rohr OFM


 Heart Spirituality

The depths of the Heart of Jesus

  O Jesus, I believe you when you show your adorable Heart and say:

Behold this Heart that has so loved you all!
Yes, I believe you, when you affirm with the Church
and the saints that what you feel comes from your Heart,
the centre of your love, 
the inspirer of your self-giving,
the throne of your mercy, 
the treasure of heaven and of earth, 
the abyss of all virtues,
an ocean of goodness,
a fountain of life,
the source of all graces,
the refuge of sinners,
the strength of the weak,
the perseverance of the just,
the hope of the dying,
the terror of demons, 
the sanctification of Hearts,
the house of God and the gate of heaven
and a furnace of love.

 Jules Chevalier msc (Le Sacré-Coeur de Jésus, Paris 1900)

   May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be everywhere loved……….forever!



Jesus says, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and worried about many things. There is need of only one thing.” 

What is that one thing? It is to put Jesus first in our lives and above all other things; to “sit at his feet” and listen as Mary did, giving Him the first priority of our time no matter how busy we think we are.

When we truly commit to putting Christ first in our daily lives through a regular time of prayer and frequent participation in the sacraments we will find that all our other concerns become less pressing, less overwhelming. Why is this so? Because the time we invest in our relationship with God saturates all aspects of our lives with His grace. And because God cannot be outdone in generosity. He will abundantly reward any sacrifice we make in order to spend time with Him.

Stewardship Reflections from




Funeral Notice 

Requiem Mass to celebrate the life of
Dolores “Dolly” Munoz 

Will be celebrated at 22 July 2019 - 11:00am

St John the Apostle Parish Kippax

There will be no 9:30am Mass on Monday 22 July



I would like to thank the parishioners of St John’s for their prayerful support during Phil’s illness and at the time of his death. A special thank you to Frs. Gerard and Kimi for their pastoral care of Phil. Your support has been a comfort to me, Maureen Donoghoe.

The Refugee Resettlement Committee would like to express our thanks to the Uniting Church, Kippax who allowed us to provide lunch as part of their garage sale. We were able to make $200 which will go to the Committee to help in our work. We are very grateful for the Uniting Church's continuing concern and interest.



Relax, Review, Reflect 
Faith and film
Friday 26th July at 7:30pm
We are watching: “Rails and Ties ”


To register your interest or for more information,
please contact the parish office on 6254 3236 or


Receipts were emailed last week. 

If you did not receive your receipt, please contact the parish office.

2018 Finance ReportThe 2018 finances were audited on 6 June 2019. There are copies of the finance report available on the small table in the church foyer. Included at the back of the report is information on Planned Giving. There has been a significant decrease in the amount of giving in the past year. This is a concern for the parish in our ability to meet our commitments in to the future. 

If there are no reports available please contact the parish office for a copy.


Pins & Needles Craft Group

Every 3rd Monday of the Month

Next Meeting: Monday 19 August 2019
7:15pm Parish Library

Help needed please….    Our Vinnies Conference is helping a young family of three to establish their new home after leaving a violent relationship with very little. After spending several months in a refuge for women with children, they were allocated a home by Housing ACT. They are looking for a dining table and chairs and a lounge suite. If you can help, please contact Mike on 0419818410 or Gabrielle on 0409376288.

SJACare – In our care for the sick and housebound we are in need of ministers of communion who are available to minister communion at Kalparrin Nursing home. If you are able to assist please telephone the parish office.


We are reading

 A Long Way Home
by Saroo Brierley

Sunday 21 July- 3:00 pm 

Parish Library.

There is one copy of the book available at the parish office.

SJA Women’s Breakfast

 The next breakfast is

7:30am Tuesday
23 July 2019

 Lucky Shot Espresso Bar

Hardwick Crescent KIPPAX



2019 Men’s Weekend Retreat

St Mary’s Towers Douglas Park 
30 August – 1 September

Retreat Presenter: Paul White
Phone: 02 6430 0233


There are brochures in the church foyer advertising the
2019 retreats at St Mary’s Towers Douglas Park.

Collecting Plastic Milk Bottle Tops

Enabling the Future is creating prosthetic hands with 3D printers for children. The Rotary Club of Belconnen is collecting milk (or similar) tops to forward them to the maker.

Can you help?  Please bring your plastic bottle tops to church and deposit them in the bucket which will be in the foyer.  

July Baptism's

 We welcome into our community:

Michael Leahy, Son of Rene and Emma;

Angelina Nguyen, Daughter of Sam and Hang;

Ruby Blacklock, Daughter of Darren and Erin.

Angelina Amrado, Daughter of Judith and Eric 

Over 45’s will meet on Wednesday 31 July for Mass at 9:30am, followed by morning tea in the parish centre. Please come and join us, you are all most welcome. Please bring a plate to share.

Enquiries phone Margaret 6254 4048



Friday 9 August & Saturday 10 August
Concert & Fundraiser
College Auditorium, Braddon.
7.00pm (arrival and seating at 6.30pm)

Tickets and refreshment packages available at
All funds raised will be used to improve indoor and outdoor learning spaces for students. 


Reconciliation Action Plan [RAP] 


The Parish Pastoral Council is developing a Reconciliation Action Plan and is seeking people who may be interested in being part of the development committee. Please contact the parish office if you are interested in being involved in this initiative.


The parish office can send messages & reminders via SMS and email. 

Please provide the parish office with your mobile phone number and email address if you would like to stay up to date and receive communication in this format.

 Come inside......

To maintain the heat in the foyer and to conserve energy would you
please close the door when entering the church. Thank you.

The Vigil mass has been moved forward to 5:00pm
at the end of Daylight Savings Time

Confessions have also moved forward one hour 4:00pm – 4:30pm


 28 July          Reading Roster 


Elaine Laycock, Margaret Luck


Carmel Screen, Shane Murtagh


Judy Lane, Ann Reynolds


Marian Crowley, Andrew Luck

 28 July            Ministers of Communion 


Marie McKie, John Drury, Margaret McMahon, VACANT, VACANT


Agnes Pham, Gerard Teng, Ted & Clare Kell, VACANT


Robin Williams, Libby Costello, Pat Sheppard, Erin Pitt,
Maida Kajkic



28 July            Hospitality Roster  


Judy Netting


Fay Stephenson, Margaret Ohlin, Mercia Needham


Margarete Gill


Christine Lancaster

Weekly Rosters

Altar Society:        

22 July

Margaret Stanford


27 July

David Pigram, Mike Lavis, 
Matthew Garton 


28 July

Group 7


Church Cleaning:

22 July

Joseph Lê Văn Hăi, Sam Van Nguyen



   Let us pray for those who are sick,
we remember them in our Masses.

Recently Deceased:  Dolly Munoz


Naomi Slater, Rudi Weiss, Joseph Myatt, Rita Riddle, Isabella Backhaus,
Gwendoline White, Sheila Marshall, James Patterson, Queenie Solomonsz, Mary Mules, Maria Pedic, Thomas Pinner, Czeslaw Kowalski, Wallace Johnson, Dianne Fraser,
Darryl Bremer, Frank Sculthorpe, Debra Niquet, Donald Briggs, Domiatilla Mallia,
Valentini Vrataric, Therese Van Der Vliet, Carol Thompson, Betty Coughlin,
Daniel Keneally, Bernard Coughlin, Jillian McInerney, Ardina Dudok, June Traynor, Mathilde Clemence, Diane Eccles, Nola Faulkner, Andrew Faulkner, Andrew Kenna,
John Connelly, Merle Maloney, Benito Berces, Caleb Heddle

Becoming Catholic 
St John the Apostle Parish runs a RCIA program

[Rite of Christian Initiation of an Adult].
Please telephone the parish office for information.


Charismatic Prayer:
Maida: 0423 658 326

Thursday 7:30pm  Rosary 7:00pm

Meditation 7.15-8.45 pm

1st, 3rd & 5th Fridays 
2nd & 4th Fridays 

Morning Prayer:

Mon, Tues, Fri 9:10am

Stations of the Cross

First Friday Monthly 
After 9:30am Mass

Children’s Mass

Second Sunday monthly10:00am

Adult Choir

Wednesday 7:30pm

Children’s Choir

Wednesday 4:15 – 5:00pm


Coffee Club

Fourth Sunday after 10:00am Mass

Over 45’s

Last Wednesday of the Month 9:30am Mass and morning tea

Pins & Needles

3rd Monday of the Month 7:15pm Parish Library

Book club

3rd Sunday of the Month 3:00pm Parish Library

Women’s Breakfast

4th Tuesday of the Month 7:30am
                                            Lucky Shot Espresso Bar Kippax

Youth Group

AGAPE - First & Third Sunday after 6:00pm Mass Parish Centre

School of Religion (Parish Centre)

Sunday 9.15am during school term


What did the M&M go to college? Because he wanted to be a Smarty.








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