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St John the Apostle Parish
       A Missionary of the Sacred Heart Parish           

25th Sunday In Ordinary Time                          Year C 
22 September 2019                                            #43.19


From the Pastor's desk…..

The Jewish people love stories. They are also good at telling jokes. The Jewish writer Solomon Ruben points out that Jewish humour is often self deprecating, in other words, they can laugh at themselves. He tells the joke about two Jews walking down a street in Brooklyn when they pass a Catholic church. They are astonished to see a large sign on the gate that reads ‘Convert to Catholicism, get $5,000.’ One friend says to the other, “What do you think that means, ‘Convert to Catholicism, get $5,000?’ It sounds interesting.” His friend says, “You can’t be serious,” The other says, “Five thousand dollars is five thousand dollars, I’m going in.” The man goes in, the other waits. And waits. And waits. When he comes out, his friend asks, “Well, did you get the five thousand dollars?” The man just looks at him and says, “Can’t you Jews think about anything else but money?”

Well, today’s gospel reading is certainly all about money…or is it? We have this rather strange parable in which the dishonest manager is seemingly praised for his dishonesty.

The dismissed manager is in a panic, “What am I to do, I am too old to find another job, and the shame of having to beg would be too much to bear.” And so he comes up with a plan which essentially entails swindling his employer. But does the owner become more enraged with this scoundrel? No. He praises him. This is the difficult part of the parable.

A key to understanding this is to grasp Jesus use of parables. He takes images and events from everyday life to illustrate the reality of the kingdom of God. Neither owner nor manager is worthy of any praise. For they are motivated by greed and self-preservation. The disciple of Jesus, on the other hand, is motivated by detachment to possessions and living a life of other-centred love. The parable is meant to remind the disciple not to be crafty and astute not in the ways of the world, but astute and diligent in the ways of the Kingdom.

The message of today’s gospel is about reorientating us to the spiritual: “You cannot serve God and mammon.” The dishonest manager thinks about his own self-interests while the disciple is centred on the Kingdom of God.

Peace & blessings,





Humanity is dependent on Creation

We are creatures of this world. We are made of it and we are totally dependent upon it for our very existence. We require its air, its water, its food, its heat. We need it for covering and for shelter; we need it to stimulate our minds and our spirits. Therefore, our use of its phenomenal resources cannot in itself be immoral. What is questionable is the character of our use.

We live our lives on the horns of a dilemma. We have the right to use and to enjoy the marvels of our world, but we cannot do this free of responsibility to each other and to the world itself. We are not called to disown the world. It is impossible for us to do that, because of our total dependence upon it. But we are called to live in it gently, using what we need and sharing what we can. We must make decisions as trustworthy stewards of the household of God, not like the man in the gospel who was only concerned with his own wellbeing.

Money seems to get a pretty bad rap in the gospel of Luke. In today’s passage, it is even described as ‘that tainted thing’ which is the lowest measure of trustworthiness. However, it is not money as such that is the concern, but rather it is the love of money and inappropriate use of money. In the Jewish tradition, the measure of society was based on how the lowest and the least were treated and looked after. When our focus is on acquiring money and possessions, it is impossible to be using our money for the good of others.

When the kingdom of God is imminent – monetary wealth is going to be meaningless. It is best to cut your losses and turn your energy to building relationships rather than riches.

We must serve God, not mammon.

Resources Used:  Reflection, by Dianne Bergant CSA, and Reflection, by Greg Sunter


 Heart Spirituality

The Sacred Heart, God's gift of himself

The Word proceeds from the unfathomable depths of the Heart of God who generates him equal to himself. God is love itself.
This infinite love that constitutes the very depths of God, and forms his nature, has enclosed itself in a human heart, the Heart of Jesus.

That is why God takes delight in this divine Heart, the heart with which he loves us, his living sacrament.
It is through the Heart of Christ, that the love of God, God himself, pours himself out on the world and on the human race. How? God communicates and gives himself by grace. This communication, this gift, is not just a figure of speech; it is a fact.
We really share in his nature; we possess him personally and really.Jules Chevalier msc

Jules Chevalier msc
(Le Sacré-Coeur de Jésus p.146ƒ, Paris 1900)

  May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be everywhere loved……….forever!



We are all gifted, perhaps in different ways, but whatever gifts we receive might be considered our garden from God. We must account for those gifts.

The whole concept of stewardship is clear in today’s parable. The steward is the manager (not the owner) of the master’s gifts. God is, of course, the manager, and we are the stewards who are charged with the responsibility of overseeing our gifts of time, talent, treasure, and perhaps even influence. Do we use those gifts wisely and with justice?

That is the point we must get from this Gospel. Our Holy Father Pope Francis understood the significance of being a steward when he recently said, “In the end, everything has been entrusted to our protection, and all of us are responsible for it. Be protectors of God’s gifts.” As the Lord says to the steward in today’s Gospel, “The person who is trustworthy in very small matters is also trustworthy in great ones.

Stewardship Reflections from




    1 September - 4 October

  The Web of Life    

The season begins 1 September, the Day of Prayer for Creation,
and runs through 4 October, the Feast of St. Francis,
who is the patron saint of ecology in many traditions.
The theme of this year’s celebration is “the web of life”.
As brothers and sisters in Christ,
we are on a pilgrimage to better care of creation.

Pope Francis' message on the Season of Creation


SUNDAY READINGS WITH COMMENTARY- Available on the table in the church foyer are the readings and commentary for the following weekend for parishioners who would like to pray with the readings in preparation for mass.

These are not the readings that are produced for the Lectors on the reading ministry but a separate issue particularly for the general body of the congregation.

 Anointing of the Sick within Mass

Friday 27 September at 10:00 am

Followed by morning tea in the church foyer

The elderly, the sick and housebound of our parish
are invited to this Anointing of the Sick mass.
This special liturgy celebrates the healing love of Christ.

If you know of any parishioner who would like to attend this Mass,
and needs assistance in getting there please contact the Parish Office.

Please note the later start time for mass

On Friday 27th September the Refugee Resettlement Committee (RRC)
celebrates 40 years of working with refugees through this parish. 
We are grateful for all the support the parish has given us over the this time
and we look forward to your generous help in the future.
Thankyou for all your support.


Relax, Review, Reflect 
Faith and film
Friday 27 September at 7:30pm
We are watching: Night Train To Lisbon.

 To register your interest or for more information, 
please contact the parish office on 6254 3236 or


Pins & Needles Craft Group

Every 3rd Monday of the Month

Next Meeting: Monday 21 October 2019
7:15pm Parish Library


 We are reading

Band-aid for a Broken Leg, by Damien Brown

Sunday 20 October  - 3:00 pm 

Parish Library.

There are three copies of the book available at the parish office.

SJA Women’s Breakfast

 The next breakfast is

7:30am Tuesday
24 September 2019

 Lucky Shot Espresso Bar

Hardwick Crescent KIPPAX



If you are interested in participating in the life of the parish through the Pastoral Council you are invited to attend the next meeting on Thursday
10 October at 7:30pm.

A key element of the work of a Parish Pastoral Council is to consider ways to provide opportunities for parishioners to:
• discover, or rediscover, the personal and community call to mission that         derives from their baptism
• sustain their efforts to live as Catholics who effectively transform society.

“Come and See” John 1:39


Social Justice Brochure
Available in the church foyer

Over 45’s will meet on Wednesday 25 September for Mass at 9:30am, followed by morning tea in the parish centre.
Please come and join us, you are all most welcome. Please bring a plate to share.

Enquiries phone Margaret 6254 4048

 Belconnen Youth

 Agape - Youth Group
High school students in years 7 to 12

First and Third Sundays
after the 6:00pm Mass

Next gathering 6 October

This group is a way for young people to learn about the church and deepen their faith together.  Contact


Pre-Teen Group – (Yr. 3-7) 4:45pm

Youth Mass – (All ages) 6:00pm

Next gathering 21 September

Marian Hall – St Matthew’s Page

Every 4th Saturday of the month

Students in years 3 to 7 are invited to join in an afternoon of faith, friendship and fun, then stay for the Youth Mass at 6:00pm. Contact


St Mary’s Towers Douglas Park
Upcoming Program


27-30 Lifting the Veil - Living in liminal space -Fr. John Armstrong


4-10  Flowing in the Light – Prayer with Mechthilde of Magdeburg - Michelle Vass

18-20 Abide in my love – Prayer Weekend - Pauline Compton fdnsc

25-31 I call you Friends - Michelle Vass


1-3 Women Mystics – Women’s Prayer Weekend - Michelle Vass & Pauline Compton fdnsc

15-18 Mindulness & Prayer - Lou Nulley & Michelle Vass

22-28 Entering the Mystery of Contemplation with Teresa and John - Michelle Vass & Michael Fallon msc


Ozanam Sunday

On the weekend of 28 and 29 September there will be a leaving collection for our Vinnies twin conference in Madurapuri, Thuraiyur, Tamil Nadu in India. The Conference has had a difficult time meeting local demand for food and clothing which has increased recently due to drought conditions. Vinnies Kippax sent extra funds in July to help. Your donations on Ozanam Sunday will allow us to do more for our twin in Tamil Nadu. Thanks.

More information: Mike 0419818410.

Plenary Council of Australia

Let’s Listen and Discern

The second phase is soon to begin.

Information available at:

Celebrating Thomas Keating

Screening of an award-winning film ‘A Rising Tide of Silence’. After lunch there will be a short session on Lectio Divina

Date:               12 October

Time:               10:30am – 2:30pm

Venue:             Marian Hall, Page

Facilitated by Sr. Lorraine Cupitt

Enquiries:        62547168 or

Please bring a personal lunch. Morning tea provided

The Joy of the Gospel Program, 2019

Saturday 19 October, from 10 am to 1 pm in the Haydon Hall, Manuka.
It is free, and everyone is welcome.
Please register at


Half A Million Steps

Kippax Uniting Church invites you to a

free screening of this documentary

When:           Friday 27 September at 7:30pm

Where:         Kippax Unity Community Centre

Refreshments will be served on arrival. There will be a Q & A Panel session after.

For more information contact Karyl Davison 6254 1733 or

Feast of St. Therese of Lisieux Mass

Concelebrated by Archbishop Christopher Prowse and
His Excellency Archbishop Adolfo Tito Yllana

Date:               1st October

Time:              10.30am

Venue:           Carmelite Monastery,

28 Mugga Way, Red Hill, ACT. 

The traditional Blessing of Roses will take place after the Mass, and the Nuns would be grateful for roses prior to the Feast or before the Mass. 

Collecting Plastic Milk Bottle Tops

Enabling the Future is creating prosthetic hands with 3D printers for children. The Rotary Club of Belconnen is collecting milk (or similar) tops to forward them to the maker.

Can you help?  Please bring your plastic bottle tops to church and deposit them in the bucket which will be in the foyer.  


Reconciliation Action Plan [RAP] 


The Parish Pastoral Council is developing a Reconciliation Action Plan and is seeking people who may be interested in being part of the development committee. Please contact the parish office if you are interested in being involved in this initiative.


The parish office can send messages & reminders via SMS and email. 

Please provide the parish office with your mobile phone number and email address if you would like to stay up to date and receive communication in this format.

 Come inside......

To maintain the heat in the foyer and to conserve energy would you
please close the door when entering the church. Thank you.

The Vigil mass has been moved forward to 5:00pm
at the end of Daylight Savings Time

Confessions have also moved forward one hour 4:00pm – 4:30pm


29 Sept           Reading Roster 


Therese Kercher, Joe Catanzariti


Judith Deklin, Elizabeth McDonald


Colleen Reed, Judy Lane


Brian Mahony, Meg Millband

29 Sept            Ministers of Communion 


Joy McInerney, Janet Almond, Marie McKie, Maria Catanzariti, Chitra Jayawardena


Fay Stephenson, Carmel Screen, Clyde Sloan, Darren Maharaj, VACANT


Nunga Umaru, Barbara Witrzens, Colin Fox, Bonnie and Rose Benedictos


Margaret Curry, Marian Crowley, Gerard Teng, James and Toni Cox

29 Sept           Hospitality Roster  


Chitra Jayawardena, Judy Netting, Marie McKie


Agnes Pham, Rob Breen


Judy Kenny



Weekly Rosters

Altar Society:        

23 Sept

Margaret Stanford


28 Sept

David Pigram, Matthew Garton,
Mike Lavis


29 Sept

Group 5

Church Cleaning:

23 Sept

Joseph Lê Văn Hăi, Sam Van Nguyen

Some of the titles in our display of books on the environment are “In a high spiritual season”, “Sanctuary: where Heaven touches earth” and “Ask the beasts: Darwin and God of Love”.


   Let us pray for those who are sick,
we remember them in our Masses.

Recently Deceased: 

Anniversaries: John Haley, Frances Critchlow, Antonio Ahn, Magdalen Ripszam, Marijona Grybaitis, Jana Nassir, Josephine Mulligan, Luke White, Beryl Mannix, Aileen Antcliff, James Sharah, Zoila Wait, Philip Hazell, Patrick Clarke, Lidia Torelli, Georgina Kukolic, Hok Tung, Edmond Sarrah, Joseph Sciberras, Vic Puzas, Patricia Tyers, Antonia Prieto, Antonella D'Ambrosio, Victor Bitterman, Robert Smith, Martino Salvaneschi, Maxine Kennedy, Bernard F. Roberts, Bernie M. Roberts.

Becoming Catholic 
St John the Apostle Parish runs a RCIA program

[Rite of Christian Initiation of an Adult].
Please telephone the parish office for information.


Charismatic Prayer:

0423 658 326

Thursday 7:30pm

Rosary 7:00pm


Friday 7.30-8.15 pm


Monday - Friday 9:05am

Adult Choir

Wednesday 7:30pm


Coffee Club

Fourth Sunday after 10:00am Mass

Over 45’s

Last Wednesday of the Month 9:30am Mass and morning tea

Pins & Needles

3rd Monday of the Month 7:15pm Parish Library

Book club

3rd Sunday of the Month 3:00pm Parish Library

Women’s Breakfast

4th Tuesday of the Month 7:30am
                                            Lucky Shot Espresso Bar Kippax

Youth Group

AGAPE - First & Third Sunday after 6:00pm Mass Parish Centre

School of Religion (Parish Centre)

Sunday 9.15am during school term


The other day, my wife asked me to pass her lipstick but I accidentally passed her a glue stick. 

She still isn’t talking to me!





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